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Why arrange to Purchase Eyelashes in advance before the peak sales season arrives?

The eyelash business has become the first choice for more and more businesses who want to pursue beauty while also wanting to make money. Everyone who has done eyelash business understands one truth: to Purchase Eyelashes in advance and arrange a plan before the peak sales season arrives. Do you know the reason?

Wholesale Lash Vendors Guccilashes will explain the reasons for you in detail and provide more knowledge about Purchase Eyelashes for your eyelash business.

First: the production time of hand-made eyelashes

The high-quality hand-made eyelashes are made by professional workers little by little. From the selection of materials, placement, two-point gluing, styling, and final quality inspection, all manual participation is involved. Good products take a long time.

Before the peak sales season arrives, many eyelash businesses have to prepare in advance for the new plan. The factory will receive a sharp increase in eyelash orders, and the factory will generally arrange the production according to the order in which the order is placed. Factory workers will be very busy, so the production time of eyelashes will be longer and the delivery date will also change.

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Second: custom eyelash packaging takes time

If you have plans to purchase eyelash packaging, you need to purchase one month in advance. We all know the steps required to customize a custom eyelash packaging:

First, you need to discuss with the supplier’s designer your ideas about Custom Magnetic Eyelash Case, the color of the box, the location of the logo, etc. The designer will design the eyelash renderings for you according to your requirements and then adjust and confirm the details according to the renderings. It takes time.

Second, after confirming the final design of the Empty Eyelash Boxes Wholesale, the designer makes the final file for production. The time to produce custom eyelash packaging is about 15 days.

empty eyelash boxes and custom eyelash packaging

Third, after the customized eyelash packaging is completed, the supplier will deliver the goods for you. The express delivery time is 3-7 days, and it will take time for you to receive the goods.

empty eyelash boxes and custom eyelash packaging

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Grasp the timing of sales

When is the best time to sell eyelashes during peak eyelash season?

There are many festivals in the second half of the year. At this time, the demand for eyelashes in the market increases, such as Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday, etc. The best time to sell is on the first day and the second day of the festival.

When other suppliers are preparing to purchase, you can enter the warm-up phase in advance. On the first day and the second day of the festival, you can quickly start selling and grab the market and customers.

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Guccilashes, a supplier of high-quality eyelashes in China, has more than ten years of experience in eyelashes. Before the peak season comes, there will be various factors. I hope all eyelash users can make arrangements in advance and get the new ones smoothly. If you have any other questions about the eyelash business, you can also contact us whatsapp +8617561687025 at any time

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