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Should 3d Faux Mink Lashes be attached below or above?

Should 3d Faux Mink Lashes be attached below or above

When applying 3d Faux Mink Lashes, novices will have doubts. Should they stick the False Eyelashes above or below the real eyelashes? Today the blogger tells you the difference between the two.

False Mink Eyelashes are below the true and false hairs:

Some people like to draw the eyeliner after applying the eyelashes, but if the 3D Mink Eyelashes are placed under the real eyelashes, there is basically no white space. If the eyeliner is filled, it will not be drawn. So here is a reminder that the girl with this habit must first draw the eyeliner and then apply the 25mm Mink Lashes, otherwise the eyeliner is difficult to make up.

Advantages: It feels natural and natural after application, and it blends well with real eyelashes.
Disadvantages: It is more difficult to operate than the method of sticking false eyelashes on top of real eyelashes.

3D Mink False eyelashes above the real and false hairs:

Disadvantages: It is easy to leave blank, but it is enough to fill in the blank with an eyeliner. In addition, real eyelashes will be easily layered with false eyelashes. Advantages: easy to operate.

Whether Mink Lashes Wholesale are attached to or under real eyelashes, both methods are possible, and each has advantages and disadvantages. If there is a novice girl who does not usually Apply False Eyelashes and wants to start trying to apply eyelashes, it is recommended to stick the false eyelashes to the real eyelashes. Because this operation is relatively simple.

Here Mink Lashes Vendors bloggers provide a tip to use: clip the Siberian Mink Lashes in advance before applying false eyelashes, and then attach the false eyelashes to the real eyelashes, which is simple, convenient and effective. After the technique is solved, there is another very important point: you must choose high-quality eyelashes. Because High-quality Eyelashes have a natural curvature, the hairy peaks are very similar to their own eyelashes, so they look natural and can help solve technical problems.

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