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Some Creative Eyelash Packaging Ideas

Some Creative Eyelash Packaging Ideas

How to have a Creative Eyelash Packaging Ideas?

How can I design a Unique Eyelash Packaging Ideas?

How to make the Lash Packaging Boxes different?

Guccilashes is not only the largest High-quality Mink Eyelashes supplier but also provides you with customized services for eyelash boxes. If you want to get an attractive eyelash box, we provide you with some inspiration.

Turn ordinary windows into special-shaped windows

The eyelash box window can intuitively see the style of eyelashes. Common windows are square, rectangular, and round.

custom eyelash packaging boxes with heart window

In fact, the window of the eyelash box can also be different: a special-shaped window and half window. Try to imagine, in a pile of eyelash boxes with rectangular windows and special-shaped windows, which one will catch your eye?

custom eyelash packaging boxes with window

Add accessories to the eyelash box

If your design is similar to others, how can you win? Add some small ideas, such as ribbons, corner guards, and mirrors.

eyelash packaging box custom★wholesale custom eyelash packaging box with Ribbon

Of course, the matching elements of the Eyelash Case With Mirror should not be too many, you can choose one or two accessories for your box to add luster.

Matching between box elements

The last but most important point is the combination of the elements of the eyelash box. Some simple elements can instantly become fashionable with an ordinary eyelash box, such as the quicksand eyelash box (follow the website, there will be a special blog to introduce this box for you). The contrast of light and dark colors of a box can help you have a unique eyelash box.

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