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Special Multi-layer Eyelash Cover Set

Special Multi-layer Eyelash Cover Set

 Recently during an epidemic, the people of the world are struggling to overcome it! During this time, everyone must be effectively protected. Wash your hands frequently, ventilate, and wear a mask when going out. When wearing a mask, only the eyes leaked. Let others know your charm through your eyes. At this time, eyelashes play a key role.

During the epidemic, do not forget to be beautiful while protecting yourself. We will support you as always. Now has multi-layer box special offers:

1. Black Eyelash Packaging Box: 6 pairs of eyelashes one case, $69 free shipping cost

3 pairs 3D Mink Lashes, 3 pairs 20MM Eyelash styles


2. Single-layer 10 pairs of Transparent Lashes Case: 10 pairs of eyelashes, one box, $ 99 for free shipping

5 pairs of 3D 16MM Mink Lashes style, 3 pairs of 20MM 3D Mink Lashes, 2 pairs of 25MM Eyelash style


3. Three layers of 27 pairs of crystal eyelashes: 27 boxes of 27 pairs of eyelashes. $239 Free shipping

6 pairs of Natural Mink Lashes, 8 pairs of 3D Eyelashes, 8 pairs of 20MM eyelashes, 7 pairs of 25MM Eyelashes


4. Four layers of 36 pairs of eyelashes set: $ 289 Free Shipping

8 pairs of Natural Classic Eyelash Cover Set, 8 pairs of 16mm Eyelashes Hot selling 3D Lashes style, 8 pairs of 20MM eyelash styles, 8 pairs of 25MM 3D style eyelashes. 4 pairs of pure botanical new eyelashes


The above is the special event package prepared in 4.1-4.31.

Of course, the most important thing is to take care of yourself. Enjoy this time with your family at home! I believe everything will be better, we have already spent it safely, no new, if you need my help, please feel free to contact me.

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