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Suitcase Eyelash Case—Find Your Own Beauty In Lashes County

There are a lot of people who quit naked in 2019. Why not choose to travel instead of working? The reason is simple: the world is so big, I want to see it. Many people lose themselves in the repetitive work, wake up to want to see the poem and the distance. To find the real beauty. This is the inspiration for this Suitcase Eyelash Case.

There are all kinds of eyelashes on the market now, because of too many styles. A lot of people picked the eye. Some people cannot find the eyelash that suits oneself, also lost oneself beauty. 

Suitcase Eyelash Case
Suitcase Eyelash Case

This Suitcase Eyelash Case looks like a normal travel case, with handles and pulleys. You can put two pairs of eyelashes inside. This gets rid of your lashes when you’re out and about. With this eyelash box, you can choose two completely different styles to replace. The point is that the box is attractive to take out.

Guccilashes wants you to pull up your suitcase, take a good look at the world and find your own beauty!

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Want to customize your own eyelash box? This suitcase will not only allow you to find yourself, but also create your own eyelash brand.
How to do it?

Step 1: Choose the Suitcase Box you like
Step 2: Leave your LOGO or brand name
Step 3: State your specific requirements, such as logo or font color design

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