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Inspiration for the design of the new Eyelash Beauty Box – the Chinese style

Inspiration for the design of the new Eyelash Beauty Box – the Chinese style that is popular in Europe

We have designed a style of Eyelash Beauty Box that is rare on the market. And its design is inspired by the style that once swept Europe – the Chinese style.

Why use Chinese style to design Eyelash Boxes?

In fact, as early as more than 300 years ago, the Chinese style was popular in Europe. In Europe, the Chinese style is a symbol of nobility. Even in the modern society fashion circle, the Chinese style is considered to be an indispensable element. Our designers found that this element is not popular in the eyelash market. Then it means that this is a good market opportunity.

So what is the Chinese style?

The Chinese style refers to the style with Chinese cultural elements. For example, Chinese ink paintings, royal palaces, and silk ceramics. This time the designer designed two different boxes based on Chinese style elements. —- Royal style and Harem style.

Royal style

This Drawer Eyelash Packaging is made of special paper with a fine pattern on the paper. At first glance, it may not be conspicuous and will not be ignored. This dark grain is very low-key, and the pattern vines are tightly entangled, revealing the flavor of a European court mural.

In terms of color, the element of the Chinese royal family – yellow. In ancient China, yellow was the symbol of the royal family: robes, palaces, and sacred objects were all yellow, a symbol of power and extravagance. At the same time, the Chinese are also called descendants of the Yellow Emperor, so yellow is the most Chinese element.

Harem style

The same Private Label Lash Boxes is also made of special paper. Different from the royal model, the pattern of this box is a big flower, which is very beautiful. This design was inspired by unpublished women in ancient China. Every girl in the waiting word looks like a beautiful flower that is blooming, soft but bright.

The color also uses almost all of the girls’ favorite pinks. The blooming flowers are particularly beautiful on the pale pink paper.

These are just some of the elements of the Chinese style. Do you have a certain understanding of the Chinese style? Do you like it? Chinese style will surely shine in the future eyelash market!

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Cooperation and Development—Choose Eyelashes And Custom Eyelash Cases

Choose Eyelashes And Custom Eyelash Cases

If you just begin lashes business, do you know how to Choose Lashes?Or do you have the question for the Custom Eyelash Cases? Now, Guccilashes will give you the answer.

1. I don’t know how to Choose Eyelashes to start my eyelashes. Can you help me?

Of course. Every day, we also meet many customers who have just started the eyelash business. They’re very confused at first and don’t know how to do it, but it doesn’t matter, we will help you with our eyelash experience for over ten years. I believe that you can do as well as they do.

In order to facilitate you and save your time, we have compiled The Best/Hot Selling Mink Eyelashes catalog of hot sales in the market, please refer to.

2. For the first time, how can I believe that your eyelashes can bring me business?

It depends on you, I believe it is a word of conviction, we must trust each other to work together. The guarantee that we can give you here is more than ten years of market feedback. All Mink Lashes sell quantity is the most real market feedback.

3. Because I just begin my Eyelash Business, can you offer discounts?

Just because started, I advise you not to care more the budget, because successful businessmen understand that the market and commodities are the most important, and what you pay will be replaced by a value and a harvest.

4.This is my logo, the color I chose, I want to order a marble patterned box, Let me know if it’s possible for you.

Of course, where do you want the logo to be? Does this color include the inner box? what is the size of the box?

Eyelash Packaging

I need more accurate details to make sure we can make the box you want, hope to understand. It doesn’t matter if we can communicate slowly, please contact me. Whatsapp ME, please.

5. Can I customize a box sample?

Generally, we don’t t recommend you to make samples, because you need to open the plate fee—$100, I think this is not cost-effective for you. If you are worried about the style of the box, we will make a reference to the rendering of the box after you pay, and then confirm it before production. Of course, it is okay if you still want a box sample, up to you.

6. Which step did the box order take?

I have been following the order of this box, please rest assured, I will tell you any new progress.

If this blog helps you? Leave your comment, we will look at it and help you answer.

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New technology for custom logo eyelash case —3D hot printing

New technology for custom logo eyelash case —3D hot printing

—Guccilashes recommended on Tuesday

Today I will share a new type of Custom Logo Eyelash Case technology -3D hot stamping. Previous Plastic Lashes Box or the Clear Eyelash Box, if you want the logo, you can only make a sticker. But making stickers on transparent plastic boxes is ugly. At the same time, the cost of bronzing is too high! Don’t worry now, 3D hot printing can meet your requirements.

What’s the 3D hot printing?

3D hot printing is the perfect combination of 3D printing and printing technology. We can directly stamp the logo image on the box. The effect is clear and rich in color. It is no longer a single color of bronze. And it is also different from ordinary printing, slightly raised, which increases the texture of the Custom Lash Case.

These following boxes are the effect of 3D hot printing :

1.Clear Lashes box:

Before, if a customer wanted a logo, need do the sticker, but the sticker was not very nice to stick to the box. This problem is no longer a problem after day and night efforts, and now this technology can be fully realized, the colored logo can be printed directly on the box.

Just like the picture below:

2. Round mirrored eyelash box with mirror:

These round boxes turned out to be a simple sample box. However, if the logo is stamped, it will become recognizable. And it is easy to carry and unique.
For this box, we also stamped two styles: solid and mixed:

3. Plastic ring eyelash box:

We can choose to stamp on the plastic part of the cover, which is equipped with a good base paper. If the printed logo is light, then you can put dark bottom cardboard: if the logo is dark, you can choose a light bottom paper, such as pink. This will make the logo more prominent.

Several samples we made have a white logo, a pink logo:

Which of the above sample boxes do you like?

Or if you have any good-looking patterns or good ideas, contact me and tell me what you think! 3D hot printing will be done for you!

Click Here To Know More Blog:

Colorful Cardboard Eyelash Box For Summer


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Weekend summary: innovation in multiple pairs of Private Label Mink Eyelashes

Weekend summary: innovation in multiple pairs of Private Label Mink Eyelashes

—Guccilashes Friday Business Opportunity

Today to share the situation of this week’s delivery, according to this week’s customer needs and delivery situation, found a problem: recently, many people asked if there are many pairs of Private Label Mink Eyelashes tray.

I showed her the previous eyelash tray. She asked me if there is anything else? Then I showed her the octagonal two-pair Mink Eyelashes we just designed. She likes it very much and books a lot of goods.

Why do customers prefer New Design Lashes tray?

There are too many eyelashes or boxes on the market, as are the same eyelash trays. What has been more in the market before is the rectangular Three Pairs Of Eyelashes. But there is no innovation for the cosmetics industry, and customers can’t remember you. So we designed a new octagonal eyelash style.

This is a great opportunity for all 3d mink lash vendors partners to stand out. You can give priority to the market, knowing that only the first person to do the most profit.

See the importance of innovation from the needs. The same not only products need to be innovative, but also the business model of the Wholesale Mink Lashes business should be innovative, whether you are online sales or in-store sales. If you want to play your own brand, you have to have your own characteristics. And this feature is innovation, thinking that others can’t. It can be different from the theme, but it can also be different from after-sales service.

This week’s sharing is here. If you have any good ideas or good innovations, you can contact me and let’s discuss them together.

One person’s idea is a star. The idea of ​​two people and multiple people is a galaxy. Do you want to be a galaxy with me?


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3D Mink Lashes Clear Box

3D Mink Lashes Clear Box

—Guccilashes Recommended on Tuesday

There is an old saying in China that simplicity is the ultimate complexity. This sentence is best for use on the Eyelash Packaging Case . Nowadays, the boxes on the market are rich in style, and more and more styles will be fascinated. In this case, the difficulty of the selection is increased, but for me, the simple Lash Box style is preferred. The eyelash style I want to share with you today is the Lashes Clear Box I like.

These Packaging For Eyelashes do not have so many patterns, the color is single, but it can better highlight the Mink Eyelashes.

We have clear rectangular and clear Eyelash Round Plastic Box.

Rectangular box

This is completely transparent and thick, and it is very textured in the hand. The 3D Mink Lashes are transparent and clean, which can perfectly set off the beauty of the eyelashes. This box is my favorite.

Eyelash Round Plastic Box

(A) Full transparency: This box is also completely transparent, but unlike Rectangular Boxes, you can put different colors of cardboard underneath. You can choose the color you like, and the effect of putting on the 3D Mink Eyelash is different.

(B) The lid is transparent: the lid of the box is transparent, and this design is a good way to see the full look of the Mink Eyelashes. The lower part of the box is a mirrored version with two colors: rose gold and rose pink. Rose gold is low-key and elegant, rose pink is lovely and lively, which one can be. The same one can also choose the paper jam you like.

(C) The cover is transparent and the base is black: this box is black and transparent. Different from transparent and clean, this looks simple but very high-end. Putting your favorite paper jam inside, it feels great!

(D) Translucent cover: To be honest, I don’t like this box very much, but everyone’s aesthetic is different, I decided to share it. The lid of the box is transparent and black, and looks like a ring, very special.

These boxes are not only attractive but also very convenient.

You can put it in your bag. It is very convenient for girls who travel with them. Walking on the street and taking out the high-value lash box, I am the most confident girl!

Today’s sharing is here. If you like it or have any suggestions, please contact me or leave your idears. See you next week!


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Chinoiserie Court Style— Gift Box Lashes

Chinoiserie Court Style— Gift Box Lashes

—Guccilashes recommended on Tuesday

I am very happy to meet you on Tuesday. Have you have watched the blog on Monday? Today, the style I want to recommend for everyone is related to the previous blog. If you are interested, you can go and have a look. Today I recommend the Chinoiserie Court Style— Gift Box Lashes.

This set consists of a pair of 3D Fluffy False Eyelashes and a Box Of Eyelashes without a LOGO.

Why recommend this set of Gift Box Lashes? Because this Eyelash gift box is very chinoiserie. It combines the Chinese court style and at the same time looks like the retro luxury of the European court. If you are sending friends a gift, I think this must be a good choice.

The video will be shown in detail below:

The Beautiful Eyelashes in the box are the 3D101—the brothers of the Best-selling 2019 DM02 introduced in the blog yesterday.

The Beautiful False Lashes are naturally dignified, but the design is cross-web. It looks very individual and is a combination of contradictions.

The Lashes Beauty Box is made of special paper. This special paper is very precious and special, and the whole box is the pattern of the paper itself. You can see that the whole is pale gold and there are patterns on the paper. Because yellow is the representative color of the ancient Chinese royal family. The pattern perfectly blends the atmosphere of the Chinese court with the luxurious retro of the European court.

(If you want to know the specific design concept, you can browse the blog on Thursday.)

Do you like this suit? The Chinoiserie style will show that your gift is ingenious. If you don’t give it away, it is ok to buy it yourself. I believe that walking on the street you are the most unique girl!

Ok, today’s sharing is here. Want to know more New Lashes? See you next Tuesday!


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Why the Minimum order quantity of Custom Boxes for eyelashes is 100 pieces?

The customer wants to try a sample before ordering the Custom Boxes for eyelashes. Why don’t Gucci lashes suggest this?

Recently , more and more customers are asking me the following questions when ordering Custom boxes for eyelashes :

  1. Can you make a sample box to show me ?
  2. What if you do the box wrong ?
  3. I need a sample box to confirm more boxes !

There are some customer want to order the custom boxes for eyelashes.When I told them that the Minimum order quantity was 100, some of them accepted it gladly, but some of them could not accept it.

This is unacceptable for two reasons :

  • There’s not that much demand
  • Worry about the box effect

This blog mainly analyze the second reason . This is why they want to see the Custom boxes for eyelashes first.

We fully understand the concerns of these customer. But we don’t recommend to order the Custom boxes sample for eyelashes. Why?

Because the film fee to make A style box is expansive, especially if you only want a sample. It’s quite a challenge for machines and workers. One box will cost between $50-$100.

So in order to share customers’ concerns, we offer a solution for you: After you tell us the Exact information of the box, our designer will design the renderings for you based on this information. We will only produce after confirmation.

Of course, it’s ok if you still want the eyelashes Sample box.

We provide both Machine samples and Digital samples. The Machine samples is almost no color difference with Bulk goods, cost $100; and the Digital sample have the color difference with the Bulk goods, cost $50.

Just for a sample , Gucci lashes think this money can be avoided. Gucci lashes have ten years’ experience in making 3D mink eyelashes and Eyelashes box. Click to learn more<<<

We hope we can Save some money for you and hope your Eyelash business can get better and better.


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Why does Gucci Lashes support to Custom eyelash boxes in a very troublesome situation?

Gucci lashes think the Personal brand characteristics are very important! One of the way to show your Eyelashes brand characteristics is Custom eyelash boxes!

Because the prospect of eyelash industry is very good, more and more people do this industry. The market competition is very fierce, so what can stand out in such a fierce competition? Of course the own personal
Eyelashes brands!
One of the way to highlight eyelash brands is Custom eyelash boxes!

Gucci Lashes think Custom eyelash boxes have the following benefits:

  • Show Best value eyelashes
  • Enhance the Brand of impression
  • Increase Customer turnover


Show Best value eyelashes:

When you buy a Luxury eyelash, if the packing box is LOW, the eyelashes will become less expensive, and the box Reduces the value of the eyelashes. A good box will only add value to eyelashes.

Just like Givenchy and Chanel, the packaging is not a random package, from their packaging, you can see the value of the goods, Brand and concept.

So when you receive a product, you don’t have to open it, only look at the package, you will find the goods inside valuable. Such as the 3d Mink eyelashes, making a box with your own thoughts will only add value to your eyelashes.

Because you gave him ideas, eyelashes and boxes Came to life.

Enhance the Brand of impression:

Are you still worried about how to Promote your brand ?

Now ,there is a best way to do it! That’s “Custom eyelash boxes“. Especially for people who just started their own Eyelash business . You don’t have a lot of money to Spend on branding, so you urgently need to Customize boxes. If you have your own box, every time a customer opens the box with eyelashes you’ll see your brand name.

Over time, customers will remember your brand deeply, and when others see this joint venture, they will also notice the brand name, which will increase the brand exposure of your Eyelashes business.

Increase Customer turnover:

You can print your brand name and logo on the front of the Custom eyelash boxes, and print your relevant contact information on the back, such as your website, instagram,facebook and other contact information, so that customers can get to know you more conveniently.

When you want to buy back again, do you like a contact directly or finding a contact in advance? Of course the Directly contaction!

So Gucci lashes suggest the buyer to custom their own eyelash box, that would be more helpful for their Eyelashes busines.

In order for our partners to develop better, we will give you the most sincere advice. Choose the Gucci lashes, we will walk with you all the time, rardless of wind and rain!


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