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What’s the Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price?

The composition of Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price

The development prospects of the High-end Eyelashes market are very good, please click for details <<< Some new customers found me and asked me about the price of High-end Eyelashes, they are incredible to know the Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price.

Why do you still think the Price in wholesale of Luxury eyelashes expensive?

The reason may be ignorance. They think all the Wholesale Mink Lashes Price is very low, such as $3 or $4 a pair. But they Ignoring costs.

In fact, the Mink LashesWholesale prices are relative, not absolute.
The price of the eyelash place essence of different classes is different.

Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price
Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price

What’s the high cost?
Many years in the High end eyelash market can tell you the following:

  • A high production cost
  • A design price
  • An Artificial cost

The Price in wholesale of Luxury eyelashes is also very high.

A high production cost :

The materials used are of High-quality false eyelashes is best. The best
Hair is naturally shed from a mink. That’s not easy. So it’s inevitable that some ferret without a fur front will be wasted.


On the other hand, select all the Raw a material by hand. Ensure the top of each mink hair, which is better than the machine. Of course, that will cost much time, the time cost is also high.

A design price :

Luxury eyelashes manufacturers pursue Original design, with their
Own brand concept. While most manufacturers hire part-time designers, only high-end eyelash manufacturers hire full-time designers.

The advantage of full-time designers is that they spend a lot of time studying how the market is changing, putting Brand ideas into all kinds of style 3D Mink Lashes. But having a great full-time designer is expensive.

Because manufacturers have to pay designers a lot of money whether they produce a design or not.

A Artificial cost :

If want eyelash quality to be great, Professional workers are essential.

Gucci lashes specially hired with many years of eyelash production experience of workers, each worker is very professional. The Monthly labor costs of hundreds of workers are very high.

High-quality products are used for reasons, and the direct Wholesale price is given by the factory also needs to include the cost. 3D Mink Eyelashes come with a price tag, but beauty is priceless.

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How To Make Your Strip Mink Lashes Last Longer?

How To Make Your Strip Mink Lashes Last Longer?

Last Blog<<<How do I make my Strip Lashes last longer?

How long can a pair of eyelashes be used? Under good protection, a pair of mink eyelashes can be used 25-30 times. Are your eyelashes up to standard? Today this blog will teach you How To Make Your Strip Mink Lashes Last Longer?

1. Use a special Strip Mink Lashes Storage Box

False Mink Eyelashes are usually arranged in rows when they are first bought. This is not conducive to keeping the Strip Mink Lashes curled. Using a special Private Label Mink Eyelashes storage box can not only maintain the original shape of the false eyelashes but also avoid squashing and deformation.

2. Take 3D Mink Eyelashes lightly

Although the 3D False Lashes are delicate and delicate, they are very fragile, so be careful when using them. When removing it from the box, follow the direction of the eyelashes and gently remove it with your fingers, or use a special false eyelash clip to gently remove it. Do not pinch it hard to pull it out.

3. Make-up remover is correct

Proper removal of false eyelashes is also a prerequisite for reusable Wholesale Mink Lashes. A beauty’s eyebrows can increase awareness in this regard.

When removing the false eyelashes from the eyelids, you should pinch the “eyes” in the middle of the false eyelashes and pull them down suddenly. The action should be sharp and sharp. Avoid pulling down two or three hairs.

4. Keep False Eyelashes clean

Proper removal of false eyelashes is also a prerequisite for reusable Crazy Fake Eyelashes. A beauty’s eyebrows can increase awareness in this regard.

After removing them, put them in a cup filled with water, and then glue on the false eyelashes will fall off the next day, so we can use them again.

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How do I make my Strip Lashes last longer?

How do I make my Strip Lashes last longer?

False Eyelashes can be worn for one day, and High-Quality Mink Eyelashes can be reused 25-30 times. So, How do I make my Strip Lashes last longer?

Today, let’s talk about how to keep your 3D Mink Eyelashes on your eyes longer.

Trim Eyelashes

First of all, the Wholesale Mink Lashes must be of moderate length. Trim eyelashes according to your eye length and eye shape. The appropriate length will not only be comfortable to wear, but also look natural and will not fall off easily.

Oil Absorption

Oil can make false eyelashes difficult to fix, and if you have oily skin, it may be a bit problematic to wear. Before wearing false eyelashes, use oil-absorbent paper to clean the oil on the eyelids or apply a layer of transparent powder on the upper eyelids.

Extra tip: If you want to recycle Private Label Mink Eyelashes, don’t use oily makeup remover when removing makeup, so as not to affect the second round of use.

Wait For 10 Seconds

When we are anxious to put on false eyelashes, we should tell ourselves that good things are worth waiting for. Waiting ten seconds for the glue to stick will make a difference in the final result. If you put on the false eyelashes as soon as you apply the glue, the false eyelashes will run around and cannot be fixed in the position you want it to stay at all.

The Strip Lashes that are applied in this way will be more conformable and will last longer on the eyes. Keep in mind that the Healthy Lash Glue must be a high viscosity green glue. On Wednesday, I will share how you can use eyelashes repeatedly. See you on Wednesday!

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Which Eyelash Goes On Which eye?

Which Eyelash Goes On Which Eye?


As a fashionable girl, you must have worn false eyelashes. But you know, Which Eyelash Goes On Which Eye? At this time you will definitely ask, are the eyelashes divided into the left and right?

 In fact, false eyelashes actually are divided into left and right eyes.

Some styles you can see the style of the left eye and the style of the right eye at a glance. Such as knife type and cat-eye type. These styles have Short Eyelashes and long tails. Can refer to the picture.

Some False Mink Eyelashes can’t see the left and right eyes, but they are actually divided into left and right eyes. The length of Wholesale Mink Lashes is not the same as the eyes of ordinary people, so when you use it, you need to trim the Private Label Mink Eyelashes. Under normal circumstances, the 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale is first aligned with the eye shape to measure the length. The distance from the inner eye corner to the outer eye corner is the most suitable. The trimmed false eyelashes naturally follow the newly released false eyelashes. Different. The trimmed false eyelashes need to be separated according to the left and right eyes.

What we have been adhering to is bringing beauty to everyone on the basis of comfort. Hope you can be more comfortable while being beautiful.

Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor Guccilashes friendship reminds everyone that when wearing, don’t get the right eye and the left eye wrong, this will cause eyelid discomfort. False Eyelashes bring beauty, and if you make you uncomfortable at the same time, the 3D Mink Eyelashes lose its value.

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Are Fake Eyelashes Bad For You?

Are Fake Eyelashes Bad For You?

 Have you ever try False Eyelashes? For a novice, new things always give him a sense of insecurity. I want to try it, but I worry about the harm. 3D Fake Eyelashes are beautiful, but people who have n’t tried them have a problem: Are Fake Eyelashes Bad For You?

In fact, 3D Mink Eyelashes won’t hurt you. The most direct proof is that you can see beautiful women with Wholesale Mink Lashes around. Not two days a day, but always. If false eyelashes can hurt you, why would anyone choose to always wear Private Label Mink Eyelashes?

So I think you can completely believe that Mink Eyelashes won’t hurt you. On the contrary, 3D Mink Lashes will bring you a lot of benefits.

 First and foremost is self-confidence. This is also the greatest value of a false eyelash, he can bring you beauty. When you are beautiful, you will be extra confident. And self-confidence can change a person and make you dazzling from a cowardly person.

 Secondly, it can bring you work. If you want to own a business, what do you choose? My answer is Custom Lash Brand. Of course, the answer for many people is Crazy Fake Eyelashes. why? Because you can get satisfaction from this job. Custom Eyelashes can make money for the least cost or make you a beautiful sharer. You are not just a business, you are a good sharer. You are sharing beauty, spreading the work of designers and workers.

 Guccilashes do High Quality Mink Lashes, not just for sale. Our purpose is to help every girl and to discover beauty from not knowing. And hope everyone can have their own career.

Now, have you known the answer about the “Are Fake Eyelashes Bad For You“?If you have any other questions, you can Whatsapp Me.

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How Mink Eyelashes are made?

How Mink Eyelashes Are Made?

Are the 3d Mink Eyelashes beautiful? This is beyond doubt. Does 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale regrowth sound ridiculous? No, no, put on False Eyelashes and you will see that this is true. You know it’s beautiful, you know its magic, then do you know How Mink Eyelashes Are Made?

What is the origin of the life of Private Label Mink Eyelashes? This goes back to itself. . .

1. Choose Mink Hair. It is the selection of raw materials. The origin of this eyelash is also the most important step. If the lashes are natural, it depends on whether its raw materials have hair peaks and whether they are shiny. At this point, we have chosen the most natural hair that comes off freely from a certain part of mink hair.

 2. Handle Raw Materials. During processing, our workers will use a microscope to pick out the hair with hair peaks, which will be processed through four processes.

  3. Swing. Then place the good hair according to the design. Because we are pursuing the flexibility of eyelashes, all eyelashes are hand-made by professional workers. This avoids the rigidity of machine production.

4. Put on eyeliner.

5. Cut after 5-6 days, this time is already a semi-finished product.

6. The next thing to do is Shape. Using special techniques to curl the eyelashes, it can be completely shaped after 6 processes.

7. Manual Loading. It should be noted that we choose complex two-point glue, the advantage is that there is no offset printing, and it is cleaner.

 8. Inspection Packaging. After the eyelashes are made, they will be subjected to final high-temperature disinfection, and then they will be inspected by machinery and manual inspection, and then they will be packed after passing.

In the end, you get Beautiful Eyelashes, and that’s how these eyelashes are made. All the beauty is attentive. The moment you see your eyelashes, you will know whether the eyelashes are elaborate or rough without a soul because beauty never lies to people. Similarly, the effort is also worth the effort of the workers and designers.

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When to wear eyelashes when applying makeup

 You know how to put on Natural False Eyelashes, and you have taught everyone how to remove 3D Mink Lashes when applying makeup? This blog will show you the steps of makeup, When To Wear Eyelashes when you apply makeup.

1. Clean your face

2. Applying makeup milk to protect the skin and reduce the damage of cosmetics to the skin

3. When applying BB cream, be sure to apply it evenly. BB cream is also needed on the neck

4. Drawing eyebrows, many people can’t draw eyebrows. Here I want to say something along your own eyebrows.

5. Draw the eyeliner, but if you have a hurry, you must draw slowly

6. Wear False Eyelashes. This is very important, because the Private Lable Mink Lash are sticky and can give your makeup a bonus. You can see a big difference between sticky 3D Mink Eyelashes and without False Eyelashes. False Lashes give you a quick look instantly. For how to apply false eyelashes naturally, click here to view the blog.

Now, do you know that If you need eyelashes, click here to see more than one hundred styles to give you more choices.

7. Draw lips

8. Apply highlights on T-zone

9. Apply loose powder

Now, do you know When to wear eyelashes when applying makeup? This is a simple makeup process. I hope to help you, everyone can have beautiful makeup. If you have other quation, please Whatsapp Me.

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Are minks killed for eyelashes?

 I’m a mink to work for the Official Mink Lashes, and I learned of a sad event through TV news-Australian forest fire. It was very sad for me to hear the news. I hear that the fire is caused by dry weather, little rain, and some human factors. In this way, many of our siblings have no home. Fortunately, I’m not in that forest.

We love freedom, but if there is no home and life, then freedom is useless. The topic of how to protect us has become a hot topic again. I see many people asking: Are minks killed for Official Mink Lashes?

Oh no, that’s ridiculous. “It is not right to kill mink to make Official Mink Lashes in the time of peace” When we knew the world, I heard Guccilashes staff say. Seriously, I was scared when I knew that Guccilashes making Mink False Eyelashes. Because I heard that Cruelty Mink Hair is a scam, we will be brutally killed. But after a day, I found that I was safe. After a week of worrying, I found that I was not only safe but also enjoyed the very good treatment.

 I understand that not everything is true. At least I know that Guccilashes is really free cruel. It is not as good as the vast world in the forest, but life is comfortable. Just like going to work.

Correct! It’s like going to work here. Don’t worry about the wind and the sun, no food. There are still messages on time, but someone regularly combs our hair for us. Collecting our shed hair, at first, I didn’t know what the hair could be used for. Later, I heard the staff say that it is false eyelashes, which can bring beauty to beautiful ladies. Wow! We can bring value to work.

 When it’s okay, many of our friends can play together. There will be a lot of space for us to entertain.

 I don’t understand why some people say that mink must be killed to make eyelashes. Just as some people say that mink hair is cruel and Mink Faux Fur is recommended, this is also for selling 3D Synthetic False Eyelashes.

People have the right to choose. Just like animals, life is equal and work is equal. Whether it is vegetarian eyelashes or mink eyelashes, it is your own choice, just like my job. If it is safe and healthy, how do you know that I don’t want to?

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Why not choose Lashes Extensions Types?

Why not choose Lashes Extensions Types?

Women who want to have the perfect makeup may prefer to use a suitable foundation to create a clear foundation or use a variety of lipsticks to create a changing atmosphere. Now, more and more women hope to achieve this through Crazy Fake Eyelashes and Lashes Extensions Types.

Today maybe you need Natural Eyelashes to become a youthful and lively image. Tomorrow maybe you want to be the queen aura. This requires bold and Sexy Eyelash styles.

If you want to have an ever-changing self through your High Quality Mink Lashes, then you need different Wholesale Mink Lashes styles. This point of Extensions Eyelashes cannot satisfy you. How to do it?

Do n’t worry, you can choose the 3d Mink Eyelashes, it allows you to meet a different self every day.

Diverse Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale, it is easy to wear, as simple as drawing eyeliner every day, so you can change different styles every day. Giccilashes have more than 500 types of Eyelash Private Label, so you can meet 500 different yourselves.

So don’t tell me, tell yourself,” I can only be myself like this!” You can be different every day! You are not immutable. When you are in a good mood, you are ice cream, sweet the heart; when in a bad mood, you are red wine, elegant and sexy, and SLAY the audience.

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High-Quality Eyelash Manufacturers do Eyelash experiment

Eyelash experiment of High-Quality Eyelash Manufacturers

Many people now say they are High-quality Eyelash Manufacturers. However, there are too many 3D Eyelashes on the market. There are always good and bad eyelashes, sub-filling, and the use of chemical fiber eyelashes as mink eyelashes.

So what are really Best Mink Eyelashes? How to distinguish vegetarian eyelashes from mink hair?

Today I will use our eyelashes for two experiments: a high-quality eyelash test and an experiment on how to distinguish mink lashes from vegetarian eyelashes.

First: high quality eyelash test

Experimental steps: Put eyelashes in water, rub them, take them out and dry them with a hairdryer.

Experimental process: reference video

Experimental results: The eyelashes do not shed after rubbing in water, and the eyelashes are still fluffy and curly after being dried. The eyelash band are soft, that’s high-quality eyelashes.

Second: distinguish between vegetarian eyelashes and mink hair

Experimental steps: use a lighter then mink hair and vegetarian eyelashes.

Experimental process: reference video

Experimental results:
(1) Burning speed: Because mink hair is protein, it burns slowly; vegetarian eyelashes burn very fast, and both burn.
(2) Taste: Mink’s hair is very light when it burns, and vegetarian eyelashes burn with a pungent smell, accompanied by thick smoke.

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