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3D Mink Lashes Clear Box

3D Mink Lashes Clear Box

—Guccilashes Recommended on Tuesday

There is an old saying in China that simplicity is the ultimate complexity. This sentence is best for use on the Eyelash Packaging Case . Nowadays, the boxes on the market are rich in style, and more and more styles will be fascinated. In this case, the difficulty of the selection is increased, but for me, the simple Lash Box style is preferred. The eyelash style I want to share with you today is the Lashes Clear Box I like.

These Packaging For Eyelashes do not have so many patterns, the color is single, but it can better highlight the Mink Eyelashes.

We have clear rectangular and clear Eyelash Round Plastic Box.

Rectangular box

This is completely transparent and thick, and it is very textured in the hand. The 3D Mink Lashes are transparent and clean, which can perfectly set off the beauty of the eyelashes. This box is my favorite.

Eyelash Round Plastic Box

(A) Full transparency: This box is also completely transparent, but unlike Rectangular Boxes, you can put different colors of cardboard underneath. You can choose the color you like, and the effect of putting on the 3D Mink Eyelash is different.

(B) The lid is transparent: the lid of the box is transparent, and this design is a good way to see the full look of the Mink Eyelashes. The lower part of the box is a mirrored version with two colors: rose gold and rose pink. Rose gold is low-key and elegant, rose pink is lovely and lively, which one can be. The same one can also choose the paper jam you like.

(C) The cover is transparent and the base is black: this box is black and transparent. Different from transparent and clean, this looks simple but very high-end. Putting your favorite paper jam inside, it feels great!

(D) Translucent cover: To be honest, I don’t like this box very much, but everyone’s aesthetic is different, I decided to share it. The lid of the box is transparent and black, and looks like a ring, very special.

These boxes are not only attractive but also very convenient.

You can put it in your bag. It is very convenient for girls who travel with them. Walking on the street and taking out the high-value lash box, I am the most confident girl!

Today’s sharing is here. If you like it or have any suggestions, please contact me or leave your idears. See you next week!

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About Mink Lashes Dropshipping

About Mink Lashes Dropshipping

—Guccilashes Eyelash Knowledge Corner on Thursday

Now DROP SDHIPPING is very hot, so what is DROP SHIPOPING? Is Mink Lashes Dropshipping the best choice for purchasing?

First let’s meet Dropshipping Lashes : For example, before you purchased from us, then we ship it to you, you are selling to your customers. But Dropshipping Lashes means that your customers buy from you, you still purchase from us, the difference is that you send the customer address to us, we send the 3D Mink Lashes directly to your customers.

Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of
Drop Shipping Mink Lashes :

Advantages :

(A) Provided convenience to buyers.
Especially for Mink Eyelash merchants selling online, it can help them save inventory. They don’t have to need a lot of space to pick up the 3D Mink Eyelashse.

(B) Save time for the buyer to ship the second time.

(C) Save time for end-users to receive Mink Eyelash and increase customer experience.


The goods purchased in large quantities are distributed to each customer’s hands, and the goods are transported internationally, and the freight rate will definitely increase. Because cross-border transportation is expensive first, the freight is related to the volume and weight of the receiving area when transporting the goods. And stipulate that transportation is the first.

So is it appropriate to choose
Drop Shipping Mink lashes for procurement?

In the case of end-user self-shipment fees, it is appropriate for procurement, reducing the cost of the buyer’s freight costs.

However, if the end customer’s shipping cost is borne by the purchaser, DROP SHIPPING is not recommended as it will increase the freight cost of the purchaser. Must clearly know that local shipments are cheaper than cross-border transportation.

Of course, if you don’t care about shipping costs, you are more concerned about saving time and effort. Choosing DROPSHIPPING is a good choice. After all, in modern society, time is money.

Ok, today’s sharing is here. I hope that today’s sharing will help you. Do you want to know more about industry knowledge sharing? See you next Thursday!

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Chinoiserie Court Style— Gift Box Lashes

Chinoiserie Court Style— Gift Box Lashes

—Guccilashes recommended on Tuesday

I am very happy to meet you on Tuesday. Have you have watched the blog on Monday? Today, the style I want to recommend for everyone is related to the previous blog. If you are interested, you can go and have a look. Today I recommend the Chinoiserie Court Style— Gift Box Lashes.

This set consists of a pair of 3D Fluffy False Eyelashes and a Box Of Eyelashes without a LOGO.

Why recommend this set of Gift Box Lashes? Because this Eyelash gift box is very chinoiserie. It combines the Chinese court style and at the same time looks like the retro luxury of the European court. If you are sending friends a gift, I think this must be a good choice.

The video will be shown in detail below:

The Beautiful Eyelashes in the box are the 3D101—the brothers of the Best-selling 2019 DM02 introduced in the blog yesterday.

The Beautiful False Lashes are naturally dignified, but the design is cross-web. It looks very individual and is a combination of contradictions.

The Lashes Beauty Box is made of special paper. This special paper is very precious and special, and the whole box is the pattern of the paper itself. You can see that the whole is pale gold and there are patterns on the paper. Because yellow is the representative color of the ancient Chinese royal family. The pattern perfectly blends the atmosphere of the Chinese court with the luxurious retro of the European court.

(If you want to know the specific design concept, you can browse the blog on Thursday.)

Do you like this suit? The Chinoiserie style will show that your gift is ingenious. If you don’t give it away, it is ok to buy it yourself. I believe that walking on the street you are the most unique girl!

Ok, today’s sharing is here. Want to know more New Lashes? See you next Tuesday!

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Ready To Ship — An attractive way to sell 3D Mink Eyelash

The procurement festival is coming soon. How can 3D Mink Eyelash merchants take advantage of this opportunity to get more benefits?

Recently, many people have found me through ins, websites and other channels. About the 3D Mink Eyelash, they would like to ask the following questions:

” I have just started to do Eyelash Business. Do you have any suggestions?”

“My Eyelash Business is stagnant, how can I develop better? ”

“What should I do if I want to order High quality 3D Mink Eyelash from you?”

In fact, the most important thing to do business well is to seize the opportunity. For those who do Eyelash Business, the upcoming Eyelash Purchasing Festival is a good opportunity to earn revenue.

Because there will be many festivals in the second half of the year, so the demand for 3D Mink Lahses will increase rapidly. So eyelash merchants are Purchasing eyelash , and the goods are prepared for the holidays in the second half of the year.

What are the benefits of stocking? — Ready to ship!

Modern society is a fast-paced society with very high time costs. Businesses that Save time for the customers can attract more cus-tomers. Everyone wants to be the fastest to receive the best in the festival. So choose one of the two options for Delivery in 3-4 days and Delivery within 24 hours. Which one would you like? The answer is obvious, prefer to Ship out within 24 hours !

Eyelash merchants want to do a good job in eyelash business and get more benefits, you must seize this opportunity and know the suppliers and timely pick up the goods.

Guccilashes has prepared a Ready to Ship product for the custo-mer’s better eyelash experience:

Guccilashes believe we will also become the most Trusted supplier of eyelash sellers, because we are Direct factory, Fast delivery and Stable supply is our biggest advantage. Merchants can get more customers by getting the fastest delivery.

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How to make lashes with own logo?

When you just beginning your own Eyelashes Business, there is a Lashes Business Logo is beneficial for Eyelashes Business, but how to make Lashes With Own Logo?

As a 3D Mink Eyelashes Supplier, we offer High Quality Eyelashes, as well as making boxes and accessories for eyelashes. Many customers are just starting their Eyelashes Business . When they find Gucci lashes to custome the lashes and box , they want to put their logo. But they don’t know how to make Lashes With Own Logo.

Gucci lashes will give the answer for you.

A) For those who have the Eyelash Company Logo

First,you need to tell me your Eyelash logo idea. And send the picture of your logo, the best is AI format (AI is a Vector graphics, in the process of conversion and scaling resolution is very high).

Second, tell us your specific requirements. Such as the color, size and so on. We will make the renderings for you according to your detailed requirements.

B) For those who have no the Eyelash Company Logo

You can find a designer to design the logo ,and then tell us .

But in order to help people who just start Eyelash business, we also provide customized LOGO . If our designer design the logo ,will cost between $50-$100. It depends on the complexity of the Lashes business logo. You can tell us our your Eyelashes logo idears.

One particular thing to note : if you order the eyelashes and box form Gucci lashes, and the quantity of the box is 100, we will design the logo free for you .

After you have own lashes logo, how to order the lashes with own logo?

A) Printing

Print on a box or tray, there is a blog devoted to it. Click here for details<<<

B) make Lashes Logo Sticker

We can do the logo sticker. You can click here for detils<<<

Gucci lashes hope your 3D Mink Eyelashes business will be doing better and better.

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How to make your 3D Mink eyelashes more memorable?—–Private label Mink Eyelashes!

Now the eyelash industry is getting better and better because of people’s pursuit of beauty. In such a competitive market, how to make your eyelashes more memorable? Of course one of the ways is making your own Private label Mink Eyelashes!

Every day, people come to me and tell me that they want to do Eyelash business, how to do the business? In fact, it is not difficult to do the 3D Mink eyelash business. What is difficult is how to do it well. And the customer can remember you in so many businesses. The way I want to tell everyone today is the Private label Mink Eyelashes!

Of course, the basis is that Good product hight quality. The buyer first looks at the quality, if the quality is good, it is left. In so many High-quality businesses, how to make the customer remember is very important.

So the Private label is away, the name for them, Make your own custom eyelashes. Inject the soul, enhance the characteristics of the eyelashes. And in many eyelashes, they will have an impression of your eyelashes.

How to do the Private labe Mink eyelashes?

Gucci lashes have following suggestions:

1. on the box:

You can name your own eyelashes, such as “Miami mink eyelashes”“chi eyelashes ” and so on. Equivalent to creating a pair of Own eyelashes!

2. on the tray:

Some people just want to Print a logo on the box, but also want to Name the eyelashes. What should you do at this time?

You can put the Private label Mink Eyelashes on the Lashes tray!

How do you do after you Choose a location?

Choose how Private labels are made。

A plan: Print

Printing on the box requires adding $0.2 to the price of each box.

Printe on the tray, a kind of name need $30.

The advantage is Printing is Not easy to pull off. The disadvantage is you can only do one name at once, if you want to do more, need to add money.

B plan: Sticker

You can order the name sticker , put it on the box and tray, need $35.

The advantage is that you can do many names at once. Didadvantage is that it looks like there is no print visual effect.


Gucci lashes have witnessed a lot of partners Growing from nothing to the present Eyelash business. So summarize all the Successful experiences here and give you the most Sincere advice of doing the lashes business.

Gucci lashes hope that we can Go hand in hand, not afraid of difficulties, bring beauty to everyone with love and sincerity!

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Why does Gucci Lashes support to Custom eyelash boxes in a very troublesome situation?

Gucci lashes think the Personal brand characteristics are very important! One of the way to show your Eyelashes brand characteristics is Custom eyelash boxes!

Because the prospect of eyelash industry is very good, more and more people do this industry. The market competition is very fierce, so what can stand out in such a fierce competition? Of course the own personal
Eyelashes brands!
One of the way to highlight eyelash brands is Custom eyelash boxes!

Gucci Lashes think Custom eyelash boxes have the following benefits:

  • Show Best value eyelashes
  • Enhance the Brand of impression
  • Increase Customer turnover


Show Best value eyelashes:

When you buy a Luxury eyelash, if the packing box is LOW, the eyelashes will become less expensive, and the box Reduces the value of the eyelashes. A good box will only add value to eyelashes.

Just like Givenchy and Chanel, the packaging is not a random package, from their packaging, you can see the value of the goods, Brand and concept.

So when you receive a product, you don’t have to open it, only look at the package, you will find the goods inside valuable. Such as the 3d Mink eyelashes, making a box with your own thoughts will only add value to your eyelashes.

Because you gave him ideas, eyelashes and boxes Came to life.

Enhance the Brand of impression:

Are you still worried about how to Promote your brand ?

Now ,there is a best way to do it! That’s “Custom eyelash boxes“. Especially for people who just started their own Eyelash business . You don’t have a lot of money to Spend on branding, so you urgently need to Customize boxes. If you have your own box, every time a customer opens the box with eyelashes you’ll see your brand name.

Over time, customers will remember your brand deeply, and when others see this joint venture, they will also notice the brand name, which will increase the brand exposure of your Eyelashes business.

Increase Customer turnover:

You can print your brand name and logo on the front of the Custom eyelash boxes, and print your relevant contact information on the back, such as your website, instagram,facebook and other contact information, so that customers can get to know you more conveniently.

When you want to buy back again, do you like a contact directly or finding a contact in advance? Of course the Directly contaction!

So Gucci lashes suggest the buyer to custom their own eyelash box, that would be more helpful for their Eyelashes busines.

In order for our partners to develop better, we will give you the most sincere advice. Choose the Gucci lashes, we will walk with you all the time, rardless of wind and rain!

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