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Test comfort reason of High-quality Eyelashes Band

Reasons for testing the comfort of High-quality Eyelashes Band compare with cheap lashes

Many people say that they are High-quality Eyelash Suppliers. Why do they say that their Mink Lashes Wholesale are high-quality eyelashes no matter which price? How is high-quality eyelashes better than normal eyelashes? It is a sense of experience. High-quality Eyelashes Band give customers a more comfortable experience.

 So why are high-quality Wholesale Mink Eyelash more comfortable? The reason is the eyelash band. The High-quality Eyelashes Band are very soft cotton threads. After a special process, the cotton threads are softer. Moreover, after the two fixing wires were applied, even if they were removed, they did not lose hair, and the eyelash stems remained unchanged.

As the user, how to distinguish those high-quality eyelashes and Cheap Mink Lashes? Next we will do an experiment. Test the difference between real high-quality eyelashes and Cheap Eyelash. (Attach the video as a reference)

 First, you can try to rub your eyelashes first. Let go and observe the shape of the eyelashes, whether they will deform or lose hair. High-quality eyelashes will not deform or lose hair.

  Secondly, you can rub the eyelash stalks to feel the hardness. This is very important and directly determines the comfort of the eyelash belt on the eyes. High-quality eyelashes are softer and smooth when rubbed, and will quickly return to their original shape.

 The last point is also the most secret. Many people do not know how to test true high-quality eyelashes. Today this hidden knowledge Guccilashes can tell you. Each pair of lashes has two fixing lines on the lashes. One up and one down, find it and remove it. Then gently pull the eyelash band, the high-quality eyelash band is soft and elastic, can stretch very long without breaking. Cheap High Quality Lashes will break and lose hair.

Now, have you learned it?

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