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The advantages of Premium Mink Eyelashes

The advantages of premium mink eyelashes

It’s comfortable to wear premium mink eyelashes.

Always looks natural, they are seamless on your premium mink eyelashes.

I’m able to apply a daily natural setting or Russian curl eyelashes set to dramatic style, it seems that you wear eyelashes thick mascara.

Cannes eyelashes offer a variety of thicknesses, curls and lengths of eyelashes to suit any need.

You will like the true black shadow of these extensions.

They will remain curled throughout use, which may take several weeks.

Cannes lashes also offers personalized services, and she pays great attention to detail in her application.


What is an artificial premium mink eyelashes:

Synthetic lashes are made of polished acrylic material and are the thickness of all lashes.

In appearance, they are brighter and brighter than artificial minks or silk eyelashes.

When synthetic materials are used, they are often more dramatic and artificial.

Imitating mink eyelashes have become very popular because they are very light and delicate and feel exactly like your own eyelashes.

They can go on for a while, but they can only take care of them.

If your own eyelashes are fine, the simulation works well.

Even so light, even after weeks of wear and tear, they will not fall or twist.

Imitation artificial multi-fiber mink eyelashes, length, diameter, curly hair variety, and has good flexibility.

These eyelashes are permanently curly and maintain low maintenance.

Because they are very good, the surface area ratio between your own eyelashes and the extension is closer to 1to1.

Synthetic it can be 1to4 or higher.

This is another reason why man-made fibers can last longer.

Do not curl or place mascara on these types of extensions.

This type of eyelash has a deeper taper, making it thinner, softer and lighter than any other type of eyelash.

Matte finishes provide elegant finishes for customers who want a soft natural look.

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