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Why You’ll have To Provide AI format To Do Custom Logo Eyelash Cases?

Recently, many people customize the Custom Logo Eyelash Cases, but they don’t know what the LOGO source file we need. Today I want to tell you more about design source file and how important it is?

What is the Design source file?

Source File is a kind of file the designer use Different software to design. If you use photoshop to do it, The file is psd format, If you use illustrator to design, The format is AI.

Why you should provide Source File ?

No matter AI format or PSD format, The designer can use any editing if you want to change the design with your business developing.

On the other hand, The source file no matter how you enlarge the design, The pattern can not be changed or indistinct, which means the printing for custom logo boxes is as clear as possible, and it looks more classic if use source file printing.

How to do it if no design source file provided?

If you don’t have design source file, No worry , Our designers are always available to help you .

Guccilashes design team

Tell us the detailed Custom Logo Eyelash Cases design you want, the color of the boxes , The pattern of the lashes boxes, The logo of the lashes boxes and other you want to print.

Our designer can help you finalize it. For more surprise , Pls contact me please Whatsapp Me freely.

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