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The story behind the double layer 25mm thick lashes

The story behind the double layer 25mm thick lashes

The double-layer 25mm Thick Lashes are very popular on the market, and the double-layer thick 25mm mink lashes are our original style. Why do designers have a 25mm double-layer style that they didn’t have in the whimsy design market? This is the story behind the double layer 25mm thick lashes.

After the 25mm Strip Lashes were put on the market, the market was very hot. But one day our designer received a message from a dark-skinned girl.

In the chat we know her troubles. She is a university student in the United States. However, she is usually a very ordinary girl and she is not valued. In the United States, the party is a culture. There was a party recently, and she said that he didn’t want to be the one who was usually in the corner. She wants to be the most shining person in the audience through this party.

So we recommended her the 25mm Eyelashes that are very popular on the market recently. But she said that her girlfriends have it. She wants a different and most beautiful one.

After knowing her experience, our designer was impressed by her unyielding spirit and asked her for a photo of her eyes. He changed it many times in the night. Because her eyes were deep and very charming, so when she was concentrating on a person, she was very charming. And considering the color of her skin, he creat 25mm double layer Thick Big Eyelashes.

When we showed the Thick Beautiful Eyelashes to her she’s so happy. Then we arrange high-quality production. Because it is a double layer of Thick Black Eyelashes, if the quality of the Mink Lashes is not good, it looks cheap.

Fortunately, we have successfully made this eyelash with our previous production experience.

Finally, the feedback she gave us after receiving the eyelashes, thank you for helping her to be the most dazzling one at the party. We saw her photo at the party, it was really sexy and fascinating.

Since then, the designer has successively launched double-layer thick 25mm Siberian lashes, which is in short supply.

This is the story behind the double layer 25mm thick lashes.

Don’t think that you are not beautiful enough, you just haven’t found your beauty yet.

Every girl is a white swan. The ugly duckling is just a lack of understanding of you and the lack of a beautiful eye.

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