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What is the hottest eyelash packaging in 2020?

The Wallet Eyelashes Packaging is the hottest eyelash packaging in 2020


What is the Hottest Eyelash Packaging in 2020? Rainbow Wallet Eyelashes Packaging.

Eyelash Packaging Box is a value-added service for Wholesale Mink Eyelashes 3D. There are more and more Private Label Eyelashes Custom Eyelash Packaging on the market, and every Real Mink Lashes Manufacturer is looking for Attractive Lashes Packaging. No repetition, attractive enough, as a bonus item for Luxury Real 3D Mink Lashes. did you find it?

What is the trend of 2020? Simple and innovative. The Rainbow Wallet Eyelash Case has these two characteristics.

Simple And Convenient: the simple coin purse design allows you to carry it with you when you are shopping. There is a bag on the side of the wallet, which can be tied to your car key with a string.

Innovative Design: The color of this wallet is a popular holographic material. The colors of the rainbow instantly made the whole package popular. There are rivet-like elements on both sides of the wallet, adding a touch of a retro feel.

In terms of appearance and usability, this packaging breaks the shape design of the traditional Magnet Lashes Box. Surprising and trendy.

Of course, from the customer’s point of view, another very important factor is its price. The Lash Box Packaging of this wallet is a good choice for those who just Started Eyelash Business and want to have an innovative design of Lashes Custom Packaging Cheap. Because its price is not expensive, there is no MOQ.

If you want to be more distinctive, you can put your brand name on the wallet. More with your brand characteristics.

Whether it is products or packaging, Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Guccilashes will lead you to the forefront of market trends. If you need help please contact us.

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