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Thick Fluffy Eyelashes and Thin Mink Eyelashes – summer sun and rising moon

Thick Fluffy Eyelashes and Thin Mink Eyelashes – summer sun and rising moon

—-Guccialshes Product introduction on Monday

Today I will introduce you to the different styles of Mink Eyelashes of the same style. DM22 and DM22A, the two eyelashes are the same style but one is Thick Fluffy Eyelashes and the other is Thin Mink Eyelashes.

First of all, these two 3D Mink Lashes are 18-20MM eyelashes. Take a contrast in the hand and you can clearly see that the DM22A looks sexier than the DM22.


This Thick Black Lashes name is called Summer Sun. As its name suggests, this Thick Curly Lashes has the enthusiasm of summer sunshine. At first glance, it looks very thick. Wearing it on your eyes, you can imagine that you must be a passionate girl!

This Thick Cross Lashes are a six-cluster cross. Its characteristic is that it is scattered from the root part, and each cluster is very dense. It gradually grows from the short cluster of the corners of the eyes, which can lengthen the tail of the eye.


Compared to the enthusiasm of the DM22A, this Thin Eyelashes will be slightly lighter. This name is called the Rising Moon. The Thin False Eyelashes look like a moon that has just risen in the evening and is naturally elegant. Bring this eyelash to give a clean, comfortable feeling.

The Thin Mink Lashes are also a 6-clip cross-eyelash that lengthens from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye. The difference between this eyelash and the DM022A is that each cross-cluster has only the roots that are tight. Each cluster is also very slender, without the dense DM022A. It reduces the number of eyelashes in each cluster and looks much slimmer.

Here’s a video to show you these two 20MM Mink Eyelashes.

Do you like the Summer Sun or the Rising Moon? If you like the Summer Sun, you must be a warm and cheerful girl, then the DM22A is perfect for you. If you are a girl who likes to be quiet and elegant, it doesn’t matter, this Rising Moon will satisfy all your temperament.

You have any ideas, please leave a message below or contact me.

Today’s product introduction is here, see you next Monday.

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