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Transparent Eyelash Display Box

Transparent Eyelash Display Box

There are display windows when selling clothes. The function of the display window is to perfectly display the product to the customer, convey the information, and establish the brand image. Similarly, the Eyelash Display Case is designed to show customers the style of eyelashes. So you can choose a transparent Eyelash Display Box.

Because it is a completely transparent material and design, you can directly see the Sample Lashes style. You can put ten pairs of Strip Eyelash in this display box. It is recommended to put the same length style to look more neat and beautiful. Then you can show it to your customers.

It can be placed in your store, customers will directly choose to see, saving you and customers time. Of course, if you open an online Eyelashes Store, you can post this dispaly Lashes Case with Real Mink Eyelashes photos online and open a hot-selling window. Put all the Hot Sell Mik Lashes styles in this display box. Make your website look more distinctive.

 Most importantly, you can promote your brand image while showing your customer’s eyelash styles. You can print your own logo on the Clear Lashes Box cover. Has a unique eyelash display case.

  Do you lack this display box?

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