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Weekend summary: innovation in multiple pairs of Private Label Mink Eyelashes

Weekend summary: innovation in multiple pairs of Private Label Mink Eyelashes

—Guccilashes Friday Business Opportunity

Today to share the situation of this week’s delivery, according to this week’s customer needs and delivery situation, found a problem: recently, many people asked if there are many pairs of Private Label Mink Eyelashes tray.

I showed her the previous eyelash tray. She asked me if there is anything else? Then I showed her the octagonal two-pair Mink Eyelashes we just designed. She likes it very much and books a lot of goods.

Why do customers prefer New Design Lashes tray?

There are too many eyelashes or boxes on the market, as are the same eyelash trays. What has been more in the market before is the rectangular Three Pairs Of Eyelashes. But there is no innovation for the cosmetics industry, and customers can’t remember you. So we designed a new octagonal eyelash style.

This is a great opportunity for all 3d mink lash vendors partners to stand out. You can give priority to the market, knowing that only the first person to do the most profit.

See the importance of innovation from the needs. The same not only products need to be innovative, but also the business model of the Wholesale Mink Lashes business should be innovative, whether you are online sales or in-store sales. If you want to play your own brand, you have to have your own characteristics. And this feature is innovation, thinking that others can’t. It can be different from the theme, but it can also be different from after-sales service.

This week’s sharing is here. If you have any good ideas or good innovations, you can contact me and let’s discuss them together.

One person’s idea is a star. The idea of ​​two people and multiple people is a galaxy. Do you want to be a galaxy with me?


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