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What is the best choice to purchase eyelashes for the first time?

How to Purchase eyelashes when just beginning eyelashes business?

Eyelash industry development prospects are very good, specific analysis click to view<<<. So many customers choose eyelash industry for the first time, but will face confusion, how to Purchase Eyelashes for the first time?

Here are some suggestions for Purchase mink eyelashes:

 Step 1 :Place the Sample lashes to check if is Best quality lashes.

Now all the Wholesale lashes suppliers boast that their eyelashes are of high quality.

But eyelashes on the market are actually of Varying quality.

Ordering samples first is the best way to avoid buying a lot of bad eyelashes. Good Cruelty-free Eyelash manufacturer has the confidence to accept sample orders without fear of quality inspection.

Receive the sample and confirm the quality.

Step 2 :Start Purchasing eyelashes.

For Two types of buyers:

A) Insufficient funds

There was insufficient liquidity at the beginning, don’t worry, the Eyelash brand business is coming back to life very quickly.You need to know the market by heart and know exactly what you want to sell.

When understanding 3D mink eyelashes and market adequately, choose 3-5styles Popular mink lashes in the market to purchase.Each style purchase 5 pairs for the inventory.

But a good buyer doesn’t just purchase the market hot style. He must be able to tap into the hidden demand in the market. So when purchasing, you can choose 1-3 style eyelashes that have the potential to become a hot style in the market. Once hot will be the first to earn market profits.


For some people who want to invest a lot of money, suggest choosing 10-30 styles at one time. Each style purchase 15–30 pairs.

One benefit is a wide range of consumer preferences. Meet the various needs of consumers, first of all to give consumers a variety of complete and powerful feeling. Mink lashes buyers can quickly Establish a trust with consumers.

Another is avoiding a short time out of stock. Less Frequent purchases, wasted time, and manpower, and resources.

The above is the advice given based on my eyelash extension experience. Those who do 3D MINK LASHES business bring beauty and happiness to others.

Create your own 3d mink lash brands, beauty is the collision of hearts!

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