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What is the usual MOQ for wholesale 25mm Mink Eyelash?

How much budget is usually required for wholesale 25mm Mink Eyelash?

Many people in the eyelash business have a question, what is the minimum order quantity for Wholesale 25mm Mink Eyelash? Actually any number is fine. But Guccilashes give you some suggestions.

Start From $100

If you are just starting, you can start your eyelash business for $100. Choosing 15 Best-selling Mink Eyelashes and a Custom Mink Eyelash Box will allow you to quickly start your eyelash business.

For Internet stars like Lillylashes, she has accumulated some mink eyelash users from the beginning, so she can order more. For new Mink Eyelash Suppliers who have no customer accumulation, this is a good way to maintain stability.

In the years of making Wholesale Mink Eyelash Own Brand, we found that those who spent less money at the beginning but developed slowly but did not give up, their business is getting better and better. For example, there are dozens to hundreds of pairs of VELOUR, ESQIDO, SHY, and BJ LASHES. Thousands of pairs have been developed.

Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

The most important thing about anything is perseverance. It requires constant difficult experience and constant summary of experience.
Some Mink Eyelash Wholesalers who have just joined the eyelash industry, in order to get a better price, they want thousands of pairs, tens of thousands of pairs of this method is not desirable.

We do not recommend this. The Perfect Mink Eyelashes are handmade, and the number of mink eyelashes does not matter.

For new Mink Eyelash 3D Suppliers, please reduce the quantity and budget, and then start slowly. As the market continues to expand, the number of mink eyelashes will gradually increase. This is the way of healthy development.

Don’t give up when you encounter difficulties. Only in this way can your business get better and better.

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