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What’s the meaning of the date of Eyelashes fast delivery?——Guccilashes

What’s the meaning of the date of Eyelashes fast delivery?——Guccilashes

In the fierce market competition, time is the opportunity. Therefore, the delivery date of the Eyelash products suppliers is very important. What is the delivery date of Eyelashes fast delivery?

Lash perfect delivery refers to the period of time between the moment the order is paid and the eyelash is sent out. It generally includes the following periods:

Step 1: Row of single

When the payment arrives, we will arrange the order immediately. There are hundreds of orders pouring into the factory every day. In order to ensure the greatest fairness to customers, order 3d lashes is arranged according to the order sequence. This is why it is recommended to pay as soon as possible.

mink lash vendors wholesale
mink lash vendors wholesale

Step 2: Production

The 3d mink lashes cruelty free and Box for eyelashes is produced immediately after the order is placed, all by hand. So it takes time. In order to guarantee the quality of products, we do not accept reminders.

If you are in a hurry, please place the order in advance so as to arrange the production as soon as possible.

Step 3: Send

The boxes need to be sent to the company after the factory’s production so that we can check the quality again. It takes time but we are more responsible for the product and the customer.

Step 4: Packaging

After inspection, our office staff will pack the boxes and wool for distribution.

Handmade eyelashes and Custom lashes boxes

This is the lead time. Of course, in order to meet the market demand, we will prepare some Handmade false lashes ready for delivery according to the response of recent orders, which are hot sellers in the market. As long as the same day payment can be shipped within 24 hours!

Handmade false eyelashes take time to make, but Handmade mink eyelashes have a soul, which is the charm. I believe that everyone who orders Handmade soft eyelashes will understand. Hope to understand each other. We will produce Handmade 3d eyelashes and Custom lashes boxes as soon as possible. We also hope that you will not urge us for the sake of quality.

Guccilashes will try our best to give you the best delivery time


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