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When to wear eyelashes when applying makeup

 You know how to put on Natural False Eyelashes, and you have taught everyone how to remove 3D Mink Lashes when applying makeup? This blog will show you the steps of makeup, When To Wear Eyelashes when you apply makeup.

1. Clean your face

2. Applying makeup milk to protect the skin and reduce the damage of cosmetics to the skin

3. When applying BB cream, be sure to apply it evenly. BB cream is also needed on the neck

4. Drawing eyebrows, many people can’t draw eyebrows. Here I want to say something along your own eyebrows.

5. Draw the eyeliner, but if you have a hurry, you must draw slowly

6. Wear False Eyelashes. This is very important, because the Private Lable Mink Lash are sticky and can give your makeup a bonus. You can see a big difference between sticky 3D Mink Eyelashes and without False Eyelashes. False Lashes give you a quick look instantly. For how to apply false eyelashes naturally, click here to view the blog.

Now, do you know that If you need eyelashes, click here to see more than one hundred styles to give you more choices.

7. Draw lips

8. Apply highlights on T-zone

9. Apply loose powder

Now, do you know When to wear eyelashes when applying makeup? This is a simple makeup process. I hope to help you, everyone can have beautiful makeup. If you have other quation, please Whatsapp Me.

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