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Where to go to Wholesale Mink Eyelash?

Where to go to Wholesale Mink Eyelash?

Are you Wholesale Mink Eyelash for your eyelash store? If the answer is yes, then you have found the right place. You are welcome to browse our website: Guccilashes Website. I think you are lucky to find us. At the same time, we are also very lucky to introduce good 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale to you. I think our product is the best choice for you, why?

If you want to do a long-term eyelash business and expand your eyelash business, you should know how to choose a good Mink Lashes Manufacturer. How is our product different from other suppliers?

Wholesale Mink Eyelash technique

Our eyelashes are hand-made eyelashes. Our factory has strict requirements for the workers. We do not pursue quantity, but value quality.

A professional worker only makes 10 pairs of High Quality Mink Lashes a day. Workers need to ensure that the Luxury Mink Lashes are symmetrical, beautiful, and the hair tips are consistent. We also have strict requirements on the number of eyelashes for each pair of eyelashes, which is difficult for other suppliers to guarantee.

Wholesale Mink Eyelash Raw materials

The raw materials we use are the longest hairs on the mink’s tail. The front hair is very long and there is no downturned hair. It is different from the cheap suppliers of mink body short hair on the market. Because of the hair tips are broken, the hair follicles and hair tips will mix unnaturally.

Styling technology improvement

The general supplier uses chemical treatment for stereotypes, which is to use nitric acid solution for stereotypes. If you have permed your hair, you should remember the smell. You can recall whether the eyelashes you bought have the smell of chemicals.
Guccilashes eyelashes use physical heat treatment to shape the eyelashes. There are no chemicals, we do it through temperature control. We can confidently say that only our family has this technology in the world.

Product quality of different batches

What we can guarantee is that the similarity of the same batch of eyelashes purchased at Guccilashes can reach more than 97%, and the similarity of products of different batches can reach more than 95%. The quality of the eyelash sample and the bulk product can reach the same level.

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The relationship between a good brand and a good product is mutual achievement. Good products will bring true beauty and self-confidence to customers, allowing customers to get a very high experience before they can spread the word of mouth to create a strong brand!

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