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Which Eyelash Goes On Which eye?

Which Eyelash Goes On Which Eye?


As a fashionable girl, you must have worn false eyelashes. But you know, Which Eyelash Goes On Which Eye? At this time you will definitely ask, are the eyelashes divided into the left and right?

 In fact, false eyelashes actually are divided into left and right eyes.

Some styles you can see the style of the left eye and the style of the right eye at a glance. Such as knife type and cat-eye type. These styles have Short Eyelashes and long tails. Can refer to the picture.

Some False Mink Eyelashes can’t see the left and right eyes, but they are actually divided into left and right eyes. The length of Wholesale Mink Lashes is not the same as the eyes of ordinary people, so when you use it, you need to trim the Private Label Mink Eyelashes. Under normal circumstances, the 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale is first aligned with the eye shape to measure the length. The distance from the inner eye corner to the outer eye corner is the most suitable. The trimmed false eyelashes naturally follow the newly released false eyelashes. Different. The trimmed false eyelashes need to be separated according to the left and right eyes.

What we have been adhering to is bringing beauty to everyone on the basis of comfort. Hope you can be more comfortable while being beautiful.

Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor Guccilashes friendship reminds everyone that when wearing, don’t get the right eye and the left eye wrong, this will cause eyelid discomfort. False Eyelashes bring beauty, and if you make you uncomfortable at the same time, the 3D Mink Eyelashes lose its value.

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