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Which false Eyelashes Look Natural?—Guccilashes Eyelash recommendation

Which false Eyelashes Look Natural?—Guccilashes Eyelash recommendation

It’s time for the Eyelashes look natural test every Tuesday. This time I will introduce DC36, a 3D Best eyelashes for a natural look that is both natural and charming.

Above all design: we can see its front face, it is 9 cluster cross Best lashes for a natural look. Cross the integral effect of mink hair more fleeciness stereo.

Integral length is between 13-16mm. Stylist passes through the experiment of a thousand times. Test as this Eyelashes look natural design, the most natural length is 13-16mm. This length is to the person with a deeper eye socket to take go up instantly to feel oneself made up lightly. Also best for work.

The overall second you can see that this eyelash features short front and long back. From the short tufts at the corners of the eyes to the long hairs at the ends of the eyes, these are the most popular cat-eye styles this summer. The Cat’s eyes are the same, making the tail of the eyes more upturned. There is a charm in nature.

Of course, Best lashes are not enough to bring beauty, it also has practical value. In response to this, I have been wearing Best eyelashes that look natural last week, and now I am talking about my feelings. The Best fake eyelashes that look natural are softer and feel comfortable to wear with glue. There is no discomfort. And took a video show to you.

After wearing, wash the False lashes best glue directly in warm water, rinse the glue, then dry it directly with a hairdryer, put it in the box, and protect it properly for 20-30 times.

Overall it is worth a try!

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