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Why can’t do Wholesale Cheap Lashes which low-quality products?

Why can’t do Wholesale Cheap Lashes which low-quality products?

For people who have just Start Eyelashes Business, they often don’t know how to choose products. At this time, I will recommend her to choose High-quality Mink Lashes to try and then wholesale. Why can’t we Wholesale Cheap Lashes and low-quality products for wholesale? There are the following:

1: The quality of the Privet Label Lashes purchased for the first time may not be the same as those purchased in bulk in the future. The style of the sample eyelashes you buy may be very different from the eyelashes you buy in bulk. You try to find Cheap Eyelashes, and feel that you have made a profit. In fact, you are really losing money. The consumer is very hard and uncomfortable with the eyelashes.

2: The High Quality Eyelashes Mink you buy are asymmetric, because the price is low, the supplier will not pick out the defective products, they will mix inferior eyelashes and genuine products to sell to you. So sometimes, the lashes you buy have no hair tips and look fake.

3: Because the supplier uses low-cost Lashes Glue, the hair on the eyelashes will fall off. This is very fatal, can you imagine this eyelash can be used 25 times?

4: The Personalized Eyelashes you bought smell like chemicals. It smells like perm and is carcinogenic. Beauty that is bad for your body sounds more like a deadly poison. What we really need is to bring everyone beauty under the premise of health.

5: The purchased products are made by manual and semi-automatic machines. They can do more than 100 pairs a day. Our workers can only make 10 pairs by hand every day. Do you know the difference between making 10 pairs and 100 pairs every day?

I hope that today’s knowledge will be helpful to you and you will find really Best Mink Lashes when choosing products. I also hope that your eyelash business can grow bigger and bigger.

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