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Why does Gucci Lashes support to Custom eyelash boxes in a very troublesome situation?

Gucci lashes think the Personal brand characteristics are very important! One of the way to show your Eyelashes brand characteristics is Custom eyelash boxes!

Because the prospect of eyelash industry is very good, more and more people do this industry. The market competition is very fierce, so what can stand out in such a fierce competition? Of course the own personal
Eyelashes brands!
One of the way to highlight eyelash brands is Custom eyelash boxes!

Gucci Lashes think Custom eyelash boxes have the following benefits:

  • Show Best value eyelashes
  • Enhance the Brand of impression
  • Increase Customer turnover


Show Best value eyelashes:

When you buy a Luxury eyelash, if the packing box is LOW, the eyelashes will become less expensive, and the box Reduces the value of the eyelashes. A good box will only add value to eyelashes.

Just like Givenchy and Chanel, the packaging is not a random package, from their packaging, you can see the value of the goods, Brand and concept.

So when you receive a product, you don’t have to open it, only look at the package, you will find the goods inside valuable. Such as the 3d Mink eyelashes, making a box with your own thoughts will only add value to your eyelashes.

Because you gave him ideas, eyelashes and boxes Came to life.

Enhance the Brand of impression:

Are you still worried about how to Promote your brand ?

Now ,there is a best way to do it! That’s “Custom eyelash boxes“. Especially for people who just started their own Eyelash business . You don’t have a lot of money to Spend on branding, so you urgently need to Customize boxes. If you have your own box, every time a customer opens the box with eyelashes you’ll see your brand name.

Over time, customers will remember your brand deeply, and when others see this joint venture, they will also notice the brand name, which will increase the brand exposure of your Eyelashes business.

Increase Customer turnover:

You can print your brand name and logo on the front of the Custom eyelash boxes, and print your relevant contact information on the back, such as your website, instagram,facebook and other contact information, so that customers can get to know you more conveniently.

When you want to buy back again, do you like a contact directly or finding a contact in advance? Of course the Directly contaction!

So Gucci lashes suggest the buyer to custom their own eyelash box, that would be more helpful for their Eyelashes busines.

In order for our partners to develop better, we will give you the most sincere advice. Choose the Gucci lashes, we will walk with you all the time, rardless of wind and rain!


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