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Why the Minimum order quantity of Custom Boxes for eyelashes is 100 pieces?

The customer wants to try a sample before ordering the Custom Boxes for eyelashes. Why don’t Gucci lashes suggest this?

Recently , more and more customers are asking me the following questions when ordering Custom boxes for eyelashes :

  1. Can you make a sample box to show me ?
  2. What if you do the box wrong ?
  3. I need a sample box to confirm more boxes !

There are some customer want to order the custom boxes for eyelashes.When I told them that the Minimum order quantity was 100, some of them accepted it gladly, but some of them could not accept it.

This is unacceptable for two reasons :

  • There’s not that much demand
  • Worry about the box effect

This blog mainly analyze the second reason . This is why they want to see the Custom boxes for eyelashes first.

We fully understand the concerns of these customer. But we don’t recommend to order the Custom boxes sample for eyelashes. Why?

Because the film fee to make A style box is expansive, especially if you only want a sample. It’s quite a challenge for machines and workers. One box will cost between $50-$100.

So in order to share customers’ concerns, we offer a solution for you: After you tell us the Exact information of the box, our designer will design the renderings for you based on this information. We will only produce after confirmation.

Of course, it’s ok if you still want the eyelashes Sample box.

We provide both Machine samples and Digital samples. The Machine samples is almost no color difference with Bulk goods, cost $100; and the Digital sample have the color difference with the Bulk goods, cost $50.

Just for a sample , Gucci lashes think this money can be avoided. Gucci lashes have ten years’ experience in making 3D mink eyelashes and Eyelashes box. Click to learn more<<<

We hope we can Save some money for you and hope your Eyelash business can get better and better.


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