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What’s the Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price?

The composition of Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price

The development prospects of the High-end Eyelashes market are very good, please click for details <<< Some new customers found me and asked me about the price of High-end Eyelashes, they are incredible to know the Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price.

Why do you still think the Price in wholesale of Luxury eyelashes expensive?

The reason may be ignorance. They think all the Wholesale Mink Lashes Price is very low, such as $3 or $4 a pair. But they Ignoring costs.

In fact, the Mink LashesWholesale prices are relative, not absolute.
The price of the eyelash place essence of different classes is different.

Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price
Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price

What’s the high cost?
Many years in the High end eyelash market can tell you the following:

  • A high production cost
  • A design price
  • An Artificial cost

The Price in wholesale of Luxury eyelashes is also very high.

A high production cost :

The materials used are of High-quality false eyelashes is best. The best
Hair is naturally shed from a mink. That’s not easy. So it’s inevitable that some ferret without a fur front will be wasted.


On the other hand, select all the Raw a material by hand. Ensure the top of each mink hair, which is better than the machine. Of course, that will cost much time, the time cost is also high.

A design price :

Luxury eyelashes manufacturers pursue Original design, with their
Own brand concept. While most manufacturers hire part-time designers, only high-end eyelash manufacturers hire full-time designers.

The advantage of full-time designers is that they spend a lot of time studying how the market is changing, putting Brand ideas into all kinds of style 3D Mink Lashes. But having a great full-time designer is expensive.

Because manufacturers have to pay designers a lot of money whether they produce a design or not.

A Artificial cost :

If want eyelash quality to be great, Professional workers are essential.

Gucci lashes specially hired with many years of eyelash production experience of workers, each worker is very professional. The Monthly labor costs of hundreds of workers are very high.

High-quality products are used for reasons, and the direct Wholesale price is given by the factory also needs to include the cost. 3D Mink Eyelashes come with a price tag, but beauty is priceless.

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The story behind the double layer 25mm thick lashes

The story behind the double layer 25mm thick lashes

The double-layer 25mm Thick Lashes are very popular on the market, and the double-layer thick 25mm mink lashes are our original style. Why do designers have a 25mm double-layer style that they didn’t have in the whimsy design market? This is the story behind the double layer 25mm thick lashes.

After the 25mm Strip Lashes were put on the market, the market was very hot. But one day our designer received a message from a dark-skinned girl.

In the chat we know her troubles. She is a university student in the United States. However, she is usually a very ordinary girl and she is not valued. In the United States, the party is a culture. There was a party recently, and she said that he didn’t want to be the one who was usually in the corner. She wants to be the most shining person in the audience through this party.

So we recommended her the 25mm Eyelashes that are very popular on the market recently. But she said that her girlfriends have it. She wants a different and most beautiful one.

After knowing her experience, our designer was impressed by her unyielding spirit and asked her for a photo of her eyes. He changed it many times in the night. Because her eyes were deep and very charming, so when she was concentrating on a person, she was very charming. And considering the color of her skin, he creat 25mm double layer Thick Big Eyelashes.

When we showed the Thick Beautiful Eyelashes to her she’s so happy. Then we arrange high-quality production. Because it is a double layer of Thick Black Eyelashes, if the quality of the Mink Lashes is not good, it looks cheap.

Fortunately, we have successfully made this eyelash with our previous production experience.

Finally, the feedback she gave us after receiving the eyelashes, thank you for helping her to be the most dazzling one at the party. We saw her photo at the party, it was really sexy and fascinating.

Since then, the designer has successively launched double-layer thick 25mm Siberian lashes, which is in short supply.

This is the story behind the double layer 25mm thick lashes.

Don’t think that you are not beautiful enough, you just haven’t found your beauty yet.

Every girl is a white swan. The ugly duckling is just a lack of understanding of you and the lack of a beautiful eye.

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ONLYCANAS 20MM Mink lashes-Pursue Unity and Freedom

Guccilashes 20MM Mink lashes-Pursue Unity and Freedom

Guccilashes always follows the concept of “Unique and Free” to design 20MM Mink lashes.

From the choice of raw materials or production processes, every detail we want to inject is “unique and free”. For more than ten years, all our designers and workers have tirelessly pursued elegant 3D Mink False Lashes from sunrise to sunset.

We are different. Because all Mink Eyelashes have different personalities.

Of course, we have created an environment, just like you design the layout of your garden, to create a bold, bright atmosphere and outstanding stand here.

Everyone here can fully show their free thoughts to design unique 3D Mink Fluffy Lashes.

Nourish your freedom.

Conquer the freedom of the body by reflecting the freedom of thought! The owner stylishly refused.

There is no substitute for work. Our High Quality Mink Lashes sell well in the world not because of luck, not because of titles.

Because we used professionalism to convince the perfect Mink Natural Eyelash, we invented the unique and Free Mink Eyelashes with different ideas!

All those who have the same idea are welcome to join us! If you have any questions, please contact us for free.

Whether it is the “mink whip” we display on the website or the article we edited, every detail of us is made by heart. As a supplier of high-quality mink eyelashes, we not only understand you, but also provide more useful suggestions based on our experience. If you find it useful, please share it to benefit more people. Let us work together for the bright future of the mink eyelash industry! Thank you very much muc

Unity and Freedom 20MM Mink Lashes Catalog

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Inspiration for the design of the new Eyelash Beauty Box – the Chinese style

Inspiration for the design of the new Eyelash Beauty Box – the Chinese style that is popular in Europe

We have designed a style of Eyelash Beauty Box that is rare on the market. And its design is inspired by the style that once swept Europe – the Chinese style.

Why use Chinese style to design Eyelash Boxes?

In fact, as early as more than 300 years ago, the Chinese style was popular in Europe. In Europe, the Chinese style is a symbol of nobility. Even in the modern society fashion circle, the Chinese style is considered to be an indispensable element. Our designers found that this element is not popular in the eyelash market. Then it means that this is a good market opportunity.

So what is the Chinese style?

The Chinese style refers to the style with Chinese cultural elements. For example, Chinese ink paintings, royal palaces, and silk ceramics. This time the designer designed two different boxes based on Chinese style elements. —- Royal style and Harem style.

Royal style

This Drawer Eyelash Packaging is made of special paper with a fine pattern on the paper. At first glance, it may not be conspicuous and will not be ignored. This dark grain is very low-key, and the pattern vines are tightly entangled, revealing the flavor of a European court mural.

In terms of color, the element of the Chinese royal family – yellow. In ancient China, yellow was the symbol of the royal family: robes, palaces, and sacred objects were all yellow, a symbol of power and extravagance. At the same time, the Chinese are also called descendants of the Yellow Emperor, so yellow is the most Chinese element.

Harem style

The same Private Label Lash Boxes is also made of special paper. Different from the royal model, the pattern of this box is a big flower, which is very beautiful. This design was inspired by unpublished women in ancient China. Every girl in the waiting word looks like a beautiful flower that is blooming, soft but bright.

The color also uses almost all of the girls’ favorite pinks. The blooming flowers are particularly beautiful on the pale pink paper.

These are just some of the elements of the Chinese style. Do you have a certain understanding of the Chinese style? Do you like it? Chinese style will surely shine in the future eyelash market!

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The belief of the 3d Mink Eyelash Manufacturer

The belief of the 3d Mink Eyelash Manufacturer

Roman Roland once said: Faith is not a kind of learning. Faith is an act that only makes sense when it is practiced. This is what I want to say to all 3d Mink Eyelash Manufacturer today.

Eyelash Supplies Wholesale has the belief to stay motivated.

So what is the belief in the Eyelash Supplier? I will tell you a little story about a friend of mine, and the answer is obvious.

When I first started working, I meet an American friend whose name was ANNA, because we became friends with the same hobbies. So we are both friends and cooperative.

Later, she started to do Eyelash Business, and need the more Popular Mink Lashes on the market style recommend. I recommended a 25mm 3d mink eyelashes to her. But in the end, she chose the eyelash style to cover 13-28mm. I know that her funds are insufficient. I asked her why. She told me: Because every eyelash has a great influence on makeup, I want to bring different charms to my customers.

After I heard her explanation, I knew she would be very successful. One is because she knows the eyelashes very well; indeed, the same makeup can change the overall effect through different eyelash styles. Second, because she has faith, her belief is to think for the customer and bring value to them. Fairy, she has all kinds of eyelashes, many customers are very willing to cooperate with her.

Therefore, eyelash suppliers must have faith, only to truly understand the eyelash business, can bring value to customers, will succeed.


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Mink Lashes Factory Double Layer Mink Lashes

Double Layer Mink Lashes—25mm Mink Lashes For Halloween

Halloween is coming soon, the Guccilashes Mink Lashes Factory hereby recommend you Double Layer Mink Lashes specially designed by Oscar Team for the festival.

DB312 Double Layer Mink Eyelashes looks thick, Crazy, Stunning On stage,

Mink Lashes Factory believes you will get more attractions on pary, Share it will bring more fans and more collectors.

The world is not a lack of beauty, But a lack of discovery.

3D mink strip lashes wholesale Best Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors have designed some Festival 3D Mink Lashes like 25mm Mink Lashes, 28mm Mink Lashes, 20MM 3D Mink Lashes.

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Can I look The 100% Mink Lashes video from Guccilashes?

About Packaging Blog:

Colorful Cardboard Eyelash Box For Summer

Marbling Eyelashes Box

How to customize Unique Lash Packaging from Gucci lashes?

Click Here For For First Start Lashes Business:

Sample Pack<<<

Mink Eyelashes Mixed Sample To Start

How to Order For Guccilashes:

STEP 1: Choose the style you like

STEP 2:Contact us and Leave quantity of each style

STEP 3: Pay for the sample order and keep us posted after payment to avoid any delay for delivery.

STEP 4: Leave the receiving address including the contact person and contact TEL No.s

STEP 5: Our packing department will recheck the quality and quantity, and ship out used the express company we confirmed.

STEP 6: A tracking order will keep you posted once finished. Keep an eye on it, please. Never ask the express company to put the goods outside to avoid missing.

Guccilashes Private Label Lash Suppliers

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25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale Hot Styles This Week

It’s Friday to share with you this week’s shipments, 25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale. keep higher selling compare to other styles.

DH002, DH003, DH004, DH007, DH013 are the top 5 selling styles.

The double-layered 25MM Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale Double Layers Mink Eyelashes DB303, DB312 DB309 DB327 DB347 are trending styles.

25mm siberian mink lashes wholesale

The special feature of these Wholesale Mink Eyelashes is thick. Especially the 25MM double-layer Long Mink Lashes, These large eyelashes look 6D effect, More stereoscopic.

Why are the sales of thick and exaggerated 3D Mink Eyelashes sold very good this week?

Customers feedback that most buyers have been preparing for Halloween.

Because Western Halloween is a very important festival, Many people will dress up as witches or pirate monsters.

So it is a very good chance to share your pictures with 25mm Double layer Mink Lashes, 28mm Mink Lashes Extra Thick and Extra Long Mink Lashes can help you get fans to expand the market.

Never miss the chance to get the 25mm Mink Lashes.

Ok, today’s sharing is here, are you ready for Halloween?

Chances belongs to the prepared.

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What’s The Best Eyelash Glue|Healthy Lashes Glue?

Best Eyelash Glue|Healthy Lashes Glue

Best Eyelash Glue|Healthy Lashes Glue is required when wearing 3D Mink Eyelashes. There are many types of Eyelashes Glue on the market. It is difficult to choose from.

So what’s the Best Eyelash Glue?

Of course Healthy and strong adhesive which can keep our eyes comfortable, no worry that the eyelashes fall off with tears.

Healthy and Adhensive Strength

1:Healthy Lashes Glue:

To distinguish healthy glue you need to look at its ingredients. Generally, healthy glue is latex-free. Latex can cause skin irritation, and long-term use can cause some adverse reactions.

The ingredients in Healthy Lashes Glue are good for the human body, such as vitamin A, vitamin E and so on. no smelling.

2:Adhensive Strength Lashes Glue:

The adhesive strength lashes glue is waterproof to avoid the eyelashes fall off. Soft and long last adhesive, Comfortable to wear.

The eyelash glue we launched is clinically tested. It contains no latex, is healthy in ingredients and has high use-value. There have been no after-sales problems in the hot sale for 12 years. Here is the MSDS certification.

If you are interested in, Pls contact me freely! Whatsapp me!

Guccilashes Private Label Lash Suppliers

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Empathy Is The Way To Do The Custom Lash Brand

Empathy Is The Way To Do The Custom Lash Brand

—Guccilashes Talk to You on Wednesday

There are always people who are puzzled. How can we do the Custom Lash Brand well? How can I sell my 3D Mink Eyelashes? I will tell you that the way to do well is empathy. Such an answer may be too abstract, let me give an example of today.

This friend was deeply attracted by the 3D Mink Lashes style half a month ago. So she order six pairs of sample lashes. After the confirmation, We ship the lashes to her soon, but after receiving the goods, she was very unhappy. Not because of quality, nor because of style, but the length of the Mink Eyelashes. She felt that the eyelashes were too long. However, I told her that the length of is hot sell style in the market. And she is selling the Wholesale Mink Eyelashes, I told her you can try to sell one. She is very determined and tells me that no one likes it.

However, today she tell me that she wants to buy the Wholesale 3d Mink Lashes last order. This shows that after half a month, these lashes market responded very well.

So this is why some people do their eyelash business very well, but some people can’t always do it.

Why is the same product your eyelash marketing not going out?

Because you don’t understand customers. Your eyelashes are what makes customers happy and beautiful. Not what you think, you like it.
Think about what style of eyelashes they want, what value you can bring to them, is the marketing of eyelashes.

A good eyelash supplier can clearly know the market explosion, fashion potential. Because you want to bring fashion to them, and bring them to lead fashion.

If you know the market, know the eyelashes, understand the customers, so you must sell the lashes well!


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The story behind the thick Mink 3D Lashes

The story behind the thick Mink 3D Lashes

—GUCCILASHES Recommended on Tuesday

The eyelashes that will be introduced today are a thick 20mm Mink 3D Lashes. It is recommended today because of an unforgettable story behind it.

This 3d mink lashes wholesale is new in May 2019. This eyelash looks no special in style, but because of the thick design adds color to this eyelash.

We named it Windsor Castle. Seeing this name should have guessed that behind it is an unforgettable love story.

In April, a girl contacted me and asked ‘if I could customize the 3d mink lashes?’ I said ‘of course’. I knew her story in the details of the conversation. She is a very powerful makeup artist. A person’s face can change the face of the city completely different under her hand. It is undeniable that she is a well-known person, but her boyfriend is not so legendary. She said that he is just an ordinary person. I asked her what must he have to do? She shook her head and told me: No, he also has a lot of bad habits and is addicted to the game, but he will cook for me, remember my preferences, and gently say that I love you. When she said these words to me, the whole person was gentle. I believe that they really love each other.

I asked her if she wanted to customize the mink lashes for her customers? She told me that it was not because her boyfriend was going to have a birthday. She wanted to give him a surprise and paint makeup that only belongs to her.

After listening to her story, I remembered the story behind
Windsor Castle. An heir, an ordinary person, is love that makes them meet. Although it is a person who is calling for the rain outside, when facing you, I will put away all the armor, only gentle, just your lover.

The inspiration for this eyelash is from her love, it looks ordinary, but there is a strong love behind it.

After designing, she was very happy. I think this is the biggest affirmation of this design.

So I recommend this Siberian mink lashes to everyone today. I know that there must be a lot of people living in an ordinary way, but they must have their own gentleness.

Do you have a story? If you like, I am willing to listen.


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