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Custom cheap cardboard boxes

We offer various types of paper eyelash packaging in different colors, sizes, patterns, textures, etc.

We have many types of cardboard eyelash boxes, including money eyelash boxes, butterfly eyelash boxes, Marbel eyelash boxes, holographic eyelash box, gradient paper eyelash box and so on.

You can flexibly customize the paper eyelash box you want, there are many different shapes of Windows for you to choose from, including regular rectangle, oval round, heart, butterfly, triangle, eyebrow, water drop, flower, logo cut, etc.

You can decide where to leave the shape on the paper eyelash box, left or right. Please let me know what shape of window you prefer when ordering.

Bespoke paper eyelash packs can be designed on a variety of surfaces, with the boxes featuring sequins and crescent-shaped perforated Windows. Offer a variety of colors for you. You can get this well-designed paper eyelash case to store your mink lashes.

Of course, you can buy empty paper mascara boxes for your own eyelash business. We support private label printing for your eyelash brand. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact 

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