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Do You Want To Do Custom Eyelashes Design?


Custom Eyelashes Design is a good idea!

Beautiful and Comfortable, which one do you want?
Children make choices, Guccilashes wants to give you all.
Under the premise of comfort, our Design Team offers you a high-end Custom Eyelashes Design service, providing exclusive beauty that belongs to you only.

Custom Service 1—Custom Mink eyelashes

Many people have found us and asked us if we have 25mm Silk Eyelashes?

So our second exclusive service was born because everyone’s understanding of beauty is different for beauty needs. So we offer high-end customization to customize your unique eyelashes.

For Custom Mink Eyelashes, we provide 3 special services:

  1. Style: Tell me the style you want, We will give you the best advice from a professional perspective, how good the inspiration is, how unique your eyelashes are.
  2. Length: Don’t worry about the style you like without the length you want, we give you absolute freedom. You only need to choose the style to tell us the length you want. Think about what you think and what you need.
  3. Color: Our high-quality eyelashes are black, but not limited to black. You can customize colored eyelashes and life should be colorful. Guccilashes Haute Couture to meet your colorful life

25MM Mink Lashes<<<

20MM Mink Lashes<<<

13-16MM Mink Lases<<<

Custom Service 2—Creative eyelash Packaging Ideas

Halloween packaging ideas

Halloween is coming soon, are you ready to add a little surprise to your Whispy False Lashes business?

3d Mink Eyelash Manufacturer Guccilashes provides you with more ideas for reference. You can make Halloween Eyelash Packaging and put the Halloween characteristic logo on Custom Acrylic Eyelash Box.

Choose the Halloween idea you like!

Click Here To Know More Custom Packaging<<<

Custom Service 3— Custom Eyelash Business Logo And Banner 

“Be different” “let you leave a memory” “Classic and Trendy Collision” “Culture Reflected” is our Custom Logo And Eyelash Business Website Banner Design new design concept -Ruifang.

Eyelash Business Logo

You tell us the idea, We also can help you to build a LOGO. WEBSITE BANNER.

Here is the design by Ruifang.

Eyelash Business Banner

Learn More About Our Designer Team Leaded by Oscar

Mink Eyelash Design Team led by OSCAR -The Founder And The Designer Of The Company, They Majored in arts and design, Custom Eyelash Design.

His Mink Eyelash Team has the sharpest eye and always see beautiful and different things. His fashion sensitivity about Mink lashes no one can touch.

Mink Lashes3d Mink Lashes25mm Lashes5d Mink Lashes are all created by them.

His Mink Eyelash Team design Philosophy about Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, 25MM Lashes based on Human Nature, No limitation and no copy.

His Mink Eyelash Team Keep studying about the Clothing trend, makeup trend, Culture of different countries. Pay Attention to a living standard that will affect the mind-changing, Aesthetic change. And He changes the Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, 25MM Lashes design accordingly.

They are Looking for inspiration to create the most popular Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, Best Mink Lashes, Natural Mink Lashes and gives us the most competitive advantage.

In this way, we can always let customers seize the market opportunity and win more profits and values for customers. We tell customers not to thank us, That is what we should do.

Other suppliers only copy but never know the truth of Mink eyelashes.  Never Know The Aesthetic Idea, No Fashion Taste. Their false eyelashes are Rubbish, Badly affect the feeling of appreciation.  Aesthetic People don’t Like to Buy.

Innovation is essential. Now People buy things not only because they need them. But the things are Delectable and make them satisfied.

Custom Question

Will the custom-length false eyelashes do the same style as the photos gave you?

Custom-length false eyelashes are made to make some difference to the photos you provide. False Eyelashes are a handmade product, just like ironing hair. It is impossible to get the picture to be hot and the picture is exactly the same. In order to make your order promise you the same is to deceive you, we can not guarantee to do exactly the same, but we can guarantee that the effect is beyond your imagination

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors Shipping Details

Usually, we use DHL to ship the goods. The Express cost is only usd25.00 below 0.5kgs.  It will take 1-2working days to reach your side. It is fast and safe.

Others are also ok, There are many many express companies in China, as the UPSFedEx, TNT, ADPEXDPEX and so on. Just meet your request.

Private Label Lash Suppliers Contact Details

Whatsapp me +8617561687025


Private Label Lash Suppliers Payment Details

Payment can be made by PayPal

You also can make the payment by the west union:

The first name: Yuanju

The family name: Gao

The City: Qingdao

If you want to know more, please check here:

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