Half Eyelashes Vendor

The half eyelash style is a natural substitute for full lashes! Half lashes can increase the density of the outer edge of the eyelash line. Only half the length of a normal eyelash, so it’s easier to bend into curls to fit your eyelids.

Semi-false lashes help “enhance” your already great look. They are shorter than regular striped lashes and are applied to the outer corners of the eye for a cat-eye look. Create a nude look with no drama and no-frills.

The shorter length is perfect for creating a natural look with simple, simple applications. It can be worn for every occasion, from formal to casual fun evenings.

Hand-crafted from 100% premium synthetic fibers, these false lashes attract attention with varying lengths and volumes.

We promise that our lashes are made from quality fiber, and hand-knitted. Not satisfied, 100% refund! Contact us if you have any questions!