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Are minks killed for eyelashes?

 I’m a mink to work for the Official Mink Lashes, and I learned of a sad event through TV news-Australian forest fire. It was very sad for me to hear the news. I hear that the fire is caused by dry weather, little rain, and some human factors. In this way, many of our siblings have no home. Fortunately, I’m not in that forest.

We love freedom, but if there is no home and life, then freedom is useless. The topic of how to protect us has become a hot topic again. I see many people asking: Are minks killed for Official Mink Lashes?

Oh no, that’s ridiculous. “It is not right to kill mink to make Official Mink Lashes in the time of peace” When we knew the world, I heard Guccilashes staff say. Seriously, I was scared when I knew that Guccilashes making Mink False Eyelashes. Because I heard that Cruelty Mink Hair is a scam, we will be brutally killed. But after a day, I found that I was safe. After a week of worrying, I found that I was not only safe but also enjoyed the very good treatment.

 I understand that not everything is true. At least I know that Guccilashes is really free cruel. It is not as good as the vast world in the forest, but life is comfortable. Just like going to work.

Correct! It’s like going to work here. Don’t worry about the wind and the sun, no food. There are still messages on time, but someone regularly combs our hair for us. Collecting our shed hair, at first, I didn’t know what the hair could be used for. Later, I heard the staff say that it is false eyelashes, which can bring beauty to beautiful ladies. Wow! We can bring value to work.

 When it’s okay, many of our friends can play together. There will be a lot of space for us to entertain.

 I don’t understand why some people say that mink must be killed to make eyelashes. Just as some people say that mink hair is cruel and Mink Faux Fur is recommended, this is also for selling 3D Synthetic False Eyelashes.

People have the right to choose. Just like animals, life is equal and work is equal. Whether it is vegetarian eyelashes or mink eyelashes, it is your own choice, just like my job. If it is safe and healthy, how do you know that I don’t want to?

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Why is someone pursuing Top Quality Eyelashes?

Why is someone pursuing Top Quality Eyelashes?

 In the many years of doing Top Quality Eyelashes, customers always ask about the quality and price, but a few days ago I suddenly found the best answer in one sentence: Without planting, life can find the prosperous road by itself.

Life is an instinct. Life instincts are born in the sun, and instinctively works in a better direction. Just like wearing Wholesale Mink Lashes to be more beautiful.

High Quality Mink Lashes will make you with a layer of light, like an angel. In fact, everyone knows what kind of 3D Mink Eyelashes are the Top Quality Eyelashes and what kind of 3D Mink Lashes are better. The lashes put your eye so you can feel it yourself. Isn’t it?

 I used to have some customers like our Private Label Mink Eyelashes but eventually gave up. They chose other Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor in the comparison process. Because we have become friends, I asked them why, and they told me sincerely: In quality, you are 10 points, other Private Label Lash Suppliers are 7 points, but in price, you are 7 points, the other is 10 points. I respect their choice, but I know this will not be the end. Sure enough, about a month later, they found me one after another and ordered a lot of Office Mink Eyelashes after the samples. This time I asked them why they told me: it turns out that you are right, this month’s market feedback tells us that Top Quality Eyelashes will be more liked by customers and will bring us higher value. They are getting better and better now.

You see, everyone actually understands this truth. Everyone recognizes high-quality eyelashes. This is why high-quality eyelashes are becoming more and more popular, and the high-end eyelash market is getting better. The pursuit of something better is human nature. People are eager to become better, and life can find its own prosperity. It’s the same for eyelashes, I believe you too.

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Customer FAQ Library—10MM Eyelashes customized

10MM Eyelashes customized

10MM Eyelashes is the short and Natural Mink Lashes. For this length, customized is possible.

1. I want to customize these sixteen eyelashes samples. I can pay, but can the styles be the same and do 10MM?

Of course, we also understand your ideas very well. There are many gaps between the quality of the Mink Eyelashes and the pictures, so the sample is still very important. We are confident in the quality of our products, so welcome to order Eyelashes Samples for inspection.

10MM Eyelashes customized is possible. From the quantity point of view, my suggestion is to choose 4-6 style and order samples first. Because the MOQ for Customized Eyelashes is ten pairs, after you receive the sample to check and then place a large order, the remaining styles can be produced directly. From the perspective of customers, if you are not satisfied, it will save you the budget.

2. I used to make Horse Eyelashes. Can the sample not be Horse Lashes?

Customers now really do like more and more High Quality Mink Lashes. Don’t worry about this, quality is our brand and life. The quality of the samples we send is high-quality mink hair, and the quality of the samples is the same as that of the big goods.

In fact, we have also researched Horse Hair Eyelashes. But after testing we found a better raw material—mink hair. Mink hair looks closer to human eyelashes than horsehair and is more natural. We want to bring the best quality products to our customers, so we choose to specialize in producing mink eyelashes.

If you have any questions about these, you can Whatsapp Me, I will help you solve your doubts.

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Colorful Faux Eyelashes —Customer FAQ Library

Colorful Faux Eyelashes —Customer FAQ Library

Colorful Faux Eyelashes is very beautiful and perfect for stage makeup and opera stage. Do you know Colorful Faux Eyelashes?

1. How many hairs does it take to make 1 lash Colorful Faux Eyelash?

Because our Faux Eyelashes styles are different, some Thin Eyelashes and some Thick Eyelashes, so each mink hair is different. About one 3D Mink Eyelash is between 200-2000, and the amount of a pair of mink hair is about 400-4000.

2. Can I customize the Colored Mink Eyelashes?

All of our mink eyelashes are authentic and cruelty-free 100% high-quality mink hair. The color of real mink hair is gray and black, the tinting strength is poor, and the effect is not good. We are unwilling to present customers with poor quality products.

3. Can I customize colored eyelashes?

Of course, we can make Colorful Silk Eyelashes. The coloring power of Silk Eyelashes is much better than that of mink hair. We have made Colorful Silk hair. The effect is OK.


4. Can I order 100 pairs of pink mink fur?

The MOQ of this colored 3D Silk Eyelash is 300-1000 pairs.

If you have any other questions, you can contact me freely.

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House Of Lashes Case with your logo—READY TO SHIP

READY TO SHIP House Of Lashes Case with your logo

In order to meet the needs of customers for market changes, we have prepared some READY TO SHIP House Of Lashes Case for customers.

You don’t have to worry about the MOQ of House Of Lashes Case, you can also print your own LOGO. Of course, the most important thing is that we can provide you with timely delivery.

You know, the Custom Eyelash Cases has a production cycle of 13 to 18 days, but our “ready to ship” series can be shipped within 3 days. This is the biggest market advantage we provide for you.
Let’s take a look at the Wholesale Eyelash Boxes style delivered in time:

Click Here to know more sample lashes box<<<

We are using 3D printing technology, which can quickly print your logo on these Ready To Ship Lashes Case. Keep the color and details of your logo. This new technology can help you quickly Create Your Own Eyelash Box and create your own brand without waiting for another 18 days.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. You only need to send us the selected Custom Lash Case style and logo, and we will have a dedicated staff to answer your specific details. The packaging style can be transported at any time, and can withstand the test of time and quality!

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Cooperation and Development—Best Selling Mink Eyelash

Best Selling Mink Eyelash 

1. Can I see your Mink Lashes?

Of course. Our Mink Eyelashes are designed by ourselves. There are thousands of styles in total. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of Best Selling Mink Eyelash styles, please refer. Or you can tell me your favorite eyelash style, I will recommend it to you according to your liking.

2. I want to buy this eyelash, do you have it?

Can you send a clear positive picture to the reference for a look? If we have, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. If not, that’s also doesn’t matter, we can Custom Eyelashes. This is Guccilashes’ special service for beautiful you.

3. If I Custom Eyelashes, can you do the samecustom-length false eyelashes as the photos I gave you?

We can guarantee that the length and style of the custom eyelashes are 95% similar to your eyelashes. You know that our eyelashes are all handmade, pouring the attention of every worker, so please understand the subtle error.

4. How can you make sure that you make exactly what I want on the box

I think this problem can be solved through good communication. You need to tell us the exact and detailed requirements. In order to ensure accuracy and give you a sense of security, our designers will make a rendering for your reference after payment, and will not produce until confirmed. So you can rest assured about this issue.

5. Faux looks so real, If I sell it as the mink lashes, will it be marketed?

The FAUX eyelashes born, there must be a market. But if you want to sell it as a mink, I don’t agree. There is an old saying in China: If you can’t fake it, you can’t really fake it. This is not conducive to the long-term development of your Eyelash Business, and it is also a kind of deception to consumers. If you are interested in Mink Lashes, the mink market is so hot, why not really try?

Please keep an eye out, there will be more knowledge, you will find the answer here. If you have any question, please Whatapp Me.

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Custom FAQ— Faux Mink Lashes Knowledge

 Faux Mink Lashes Knowledge

We have sorted out related blogs before, according to some people’s feedback, according to their questions, we have the following FAQ of Faux Mink Lashes, please refer to.

27. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Eyelash Extensions and Mink Eyelashes? 

Mink Eyelashes is easy to wear on the hair, and you can update the style as you like with the change of makeup style.
Eyelash Extensions takes time and needs to be completed in a beauty salon. The style is single and the style cannot be changed. On the third day, as the eyelashes naturally fall off, the Mink Eyelash Extensions began to fall off and became asymmetrical to the left and right eyes, seriously affecting the appearance.
Mink Eyelash Extensions are applied to each eyelash by each eyelash. It is easy to damage your eyelashes, which is not conducive to the growth of your own eyelashes or to make the eyelashes long and very serious.

28. There are many Private Label Lash Suppliers recommending magnet-type false eyelashes to me. What do you think of this product?

The magnet eyelashes are made to solve the problem of quick and easy wearing of False Eyelashes. It is a small magnet placed between the two layers of Crazy Fake Eyelashes on the eyelashes. We have tested it, and it is very uncomfortable. The degree of integration is not strong. A small magnet in the middle increases the weight of the eyelashes, which is very uncomfortable and also damages your own eyelashes. It is not recommended.

29. The eyelashes are very expensive. Are you sure that it can be used 20 times repeatedly? How can I trust you?

It can be used more than 20 times. Follow the instructions, carefully take it, and save it is no problem. We needn’t lie to you, we want to do long-term business, not a one-time business. We regard the quality of our products as a life!

30. Will it be natural to bring it with foreign body? 

It is natural to bring it, and our High Quality Mink Lashes are thin and soft. It will not be the same as the belt, but it is very comfortable zero burdens.

31. I am doing stage supplies for rent. I know that there are also various colors of eyelashes, shaped eyelashes, feathers and sequined eyelashes. Can you do it?

We are the most professional hair lashes supplier, we also have a stable supply chain service for eyelash peripheral products. It can be done. These are special times, special uses need to be booked in advance

32. What if the fake eyelashes are long?

We have a very detailed shopping guide and choose eyelashes for your temperament, occasion, eye shape, try not to buy the wrong.
If the eyelashes are long, you can send them back.
The best solution is to cut the eyelashes into segments and separate them so that they don’t look so long.

33. Can the style of the eyelashes be customized?

False Eyelash styles can be customized, and everyone has no one’s personality, and customization is becoming more and more popular. What do you want? you can contact us freely.

34.What is the difference between transparent line eyelashes and black eyeliner?

The comfort of the transparent stem and the black eyeliner varies according to the individual’s feelings. I personally think that the black stem is more comfortable, the black is the cotton stem, and it is easier to inhale the glue so that the eyelashes are more firmly bonded.
The transparent stem is a fish thread that is not very easy to inhale.
From the perspective of the eyeliner, the color of the transparent stalk eyeliner is more flexible.
Black is best with black eyeliner.

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Custom FAQ—About Mink Eyelash

Custom FAQ—About Mink Eyelash

We meet customers with a variety of Mink Eyelash problems every day. And for those who have just done Eyelash Business, it is really a bit confused. So we have integrated some of the common problems of our customers and will be very helpful for you to understand the eyelash industry.

1. What’re Wholesale Mink Lashes?

Answer:  The material of the Wholesale Mink Lashes is mink, which are hand-made one by one according to the designer’s design. The Natural False Eyelashes are produced by high-tech stereotypes.

2. Are the Mink Eyelashes vegan?

Answer:  The 3D Mink Lashes are made from the natural replacement of hair after metabolism and are 100% vegetarian.

3. What are 3D Mink Eyelashes?

Answer:  No eyelashes are on a single curvature, and different eyelashes are seen from every angle. We call it 3D mink lashes.

The 3D Mink Eyelashes are inspired by the fact that no leaf in the world is the same. No petal is the same. It is this difference that creates the beauty of nature.

4. What do Mink Lashes come from?

Answer:  The raw material for our Mink Lashes is the hairy hair that is naturally shed from the tail of Australia’s 1-2 year baby mink, 100% mink hair.

5. Are Crazy Fake Lashes real be cruelty free?

Answer:We gently comb the mink hair every day, collecting the hair that naturally falls off, and then workers carefully selects the hairs with hairy peaks, and then disinfecting them at high temperature without killing.

6. What are 5D Mink Lashes?

Answer: 5D Mink Lashes are double-layered, thicker, and more curved. More exaggerated.

The above is some of our knowledge of Mink Eyelash. If you have other questions about 3d Mink Eyelashes, you can leave a message below, 3d Mink Lash Vendors Guccilashes will help you to solve your problems.

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New technology for custom logo eyelash case —3D hot printing

New technology for custom logo eyelash case —3D hot printing

—Guccilashes recommended on Tuesday

Today I will share a new type of Custom Logo Eyelash Case technology -3D hot stamping. Previous Plastic Lashes Box or the Clear Eyelash Box, if you want the logo, you can only make a sticker. But making stickers on transparent plastic boxes is ugly. At the same time, the cost of bronzing is too high! Don’t worry now, 3D hot printing can meet your requirements.

What’s the 3D hot printing?

3D hot printing is the perfect combination of 3D printing and printing technology. We can directly stamp the logo image on the box. The effect is clear and rich in color. It is no longer a single color of bronze. And it is also different from ordinary printing, slightly raised, which increases the texture of the Custom Lash Case.

These following boxes are the effect of 3D hot printing :

1.Clear Lashes box:

Before, if a customer wanted a logo, need do the sticker, but the sticker was not very nice to stick to the box. This problem is no longer a problem after day and night efforts, and now this technology can be fully realized, the colored logo can be printed directly on the box.

Just like the picture below:

2. Round mirrored eyelash box with mirror:

These round boxes turned out to be a simple sample box. However, if the logo is stamped, it will become recognizable. And it is easy to carry and unique.
For this box, we also stamped two styles: solid and mixed:

3. Plastic ring eyelash box:

We can choose to stamp on the plastic part of the cover, which is equipped with a good base paper. If the printed logo is light, then you can put dark bottom cardboard: if the logo is dark, you can choose a light bottom paper, such as pink. This will make the logo more prominent.

Several samples we made have a white logo, a pink logo:

Which of the above sample boxes do you like?

Or if you have any good-looking patterns or good ideas, contact me and tell me what you think! 3D hot printing will be done for you!

Click Here To Know More Blog:

Colorful Cardboard Eyelash Box For Summer


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Weekend summary: innovation in multiple pairs of Private Label Mink Eyelashes

Weekend summary: innovation in multiple pairs of Private Label Mink Eyelashes

—Guccilashes Friday Business Opportunity

Today to share the situation of this week’s delivery, according to this week’s customer needs and delivery situation, found a problem: recently, many people asked if there are many pairs of Private Label Mink Eyelashes tray.

I showed her the previous eyelash tray. She asked me if there is anything else? Then I showed her the octagonal two-pair Mink Eyelashes we just designed. She likes it very much and books a lot of goods.

Why do customers prefer New Design Lashes tray?

There are too many eyelashes or boxes on the market, as are the same eyelash trays. What has been more in the market before is the rectangular Three Pairs Of Eyelashes. But there is no innovation for the cosmetics industry, and customers can’t remember you. So we designed a new octagonal eyelash style.

This is a great opportunity for all 3d mink lash vendors partners to stand out. You can give priority to the market, knowing that only the first person to do the most profit.

See the importance of innovation from the needs. The same not only products need to be innovative, but also the business model of the Wholesale Mink Lashes business should be innovative, whether you are online sales or in-store sales. If you want to play your own brand, you have to have your own characteristics. And this feature is innovation, thinking that others can’t. It can be different from the theme, but it can also be different from after-sales service.

This week’s sharing is here. If you have any good ideas or good innovations, you can contact me and let’s discuss them together.

One person’s idea is a star. The idea of ​​two people and multiple people is a galaxy. Do you want to be a galaxy with me?


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