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ONLYCANAS 20MM Mink lashes-Pursue Unity and Freedom

Guccilashes 20MM Mink lashes-Pursue Unity and Freedom

Guccilashes always follows the concept of “Unique and Free” to design 20MM Mink lashes.

From the choice of raw materials or production processes, every detail we want to inject is “unique and free”. For more than ten years, all our designers and workers have tirelessly pursued elegant 3D Mink False Lashes from sunrise to sunset.

We are different. Because all Mink Eyelashes have different personalities.

Of course, we have created an environment, just like you design the layout of your garden, to create a bold, bright atmosphere and outstanding stand here.

Everyone here can fully show their free thoughts to design unique 3D Mink Fluffy Lashes.

Nourish your freedom.

Conquer the freedom of the body by reflecting the freedom of thought! The owner stylishly refused.

There is no substitute for work. Our High Quality Mink Lashes sell well in the world not because of luck, not because of titles.

Because we used professionalism to convince the perfect Mink Natural Eyelash, we invented the unique and Free Mink Eyelashes with different ideas!

All those who have the same idea are welcome to join us! If you have any questions, please contact us for free.

Whether it is the “mink whip” we display on the website or the article we edited, every detail of us is made by heart. As a supplier of high-quality mink eyelashes, we not only understand you, but also provide more useful suggestions based on our experience. If you find it useful, please share it to benefit more people. Let us work together for the bright future of the mink eyelash industry! Thank you very much muc

Unity and Freedom 20MM Mink Lashes Catalog

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Cooperation and Development—Choose Eyelashes And Custom Eyelash Cases

Choose Eyelashes And Custom Eyelash Cases

If you just begin lashes business, do you know how to Choose Lashes?Or do you have the question for the Custom Eyelash Cases? Now, Guccilashes will give you the answer.

1. I don’t know how to Choose Eyelashes to start my eyelashes. Can you help me?

Of course. Every day, we also meet many customers who have just started the eyelash business. They’re very confused at first and don’t know how to do it, but it doesn’t matter, we will help you with our eyelash experience for over ten years. I believe that you can do as well as they do.

In order to facilitate you and save your time, we have compiled The Best/Hot Selling Mink Eyelashes catalog of hot sales in the market, please refer to.

2. For the first time, how can I believe that your eyelashes can bring me business?

It depends on you, I believe it is a word of conviction, we must trust each other to work together. The guarantee that we can give you here is more than ten years of market feedback. All Mink Lashes sell quantity is the most real market feedback.

3. Because I just begin my Eyelash Business, can you offer discounts?

Just because started, I advise you not to care more the budget, because successful businessmen understand that the market and commodities are the most important, and what you pay will be replaced by a value and a harvest.

4.This is my logo, the color I chose, I want to order a marble patterned box, Let me know if it’s possible for you.

Of course, where do you want the logo to be? Does this color include the inner box? what is the size of the box?

Eyelash Packaging

I need more accurate details to make sure we can make the box you want, hope to understand. It doesn’t matter if we can communicate slowly, please contact me. Whatsapp ME, please.

5. Can I customize a box sample?

Generally, we don’t t recommend you to make samples, because you need to open the plate fee—$100, I think this is not cost-effective for you. If you are worried about the style of the box, we will make a reference to the rendering of the box after you pay, and then confirm it before production. Of course, it is okay if you still want a box sample, up to you.

6. Which step did the box order take?

I have been following the order of this box, please rest assured, I will tell you any new progress.

If this blog helps you? Leave your comment, we will look at it and help you answer.

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Custom FAQ— Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale Safe and Use

Custom FAQ— Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale Safe and Use

Have you tried Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale? Why didn’t you try it? Can you wear eyelashes?
Can you all come up with these problems? If your answer is no, it doesn’t matter, this blog will give you the answer you want.

17. Does wearing Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale affect eye makeup?

Wearing Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale does not affect the makeup. On the contrary, black eyeliner will let you have drawn good eyeliner more three-dimensional. You also can need not draw eyeliner, black eyeliner stalk corrects eye shape to be able to enlarge an eye!

18. Can we wear Private Label Mink Eyelashes without mascara?

We finalize the design technology to make ermine Private Label Mink Eyelashes hair into the different curvaceous bend, unlike a chemical fiber eyelash curvaceous so that you do not need mascara after putting on.

19 . How can I do Mink Lashes on myself?

Sure, that’s very easy, at the same time-saving time to go to the beauty salon.

Step 1: Use pointed Eyelashes Tweezers to clip the extra Mink Lashes liner, carefully remove.

Step 2: Aim at your eyeliner and cut off the excess

Step 3: Apply glue to eyeliner and let dry.

Step 4: Use Mink Eyelashes tweezers to clip the hair part to stick to the middle first, then stick to the inside and finally stick to the outside. That’s it.

20.  How to remove 3D Mink Lashes?

From the end of 3D Mink Lashes, clip eyeliner, gently from the outside and inside the 3D Mink Lashes will be taken down. Never clip the hair and pull.

21. Can I swim with 3D Mink Eyelashes ?

Our 3D Mink Eyelashes are waterproof, you can take the swimming directly, the eyelashes will return to the original after dry. They are simple to wear, we suggest you take them off when swimming so that you can enjoy the fun of swimming!

22. Can you sleep in mink lashes?

You can sleep with it.No problem. But we suggest you take it off to relax our skin. Our eyelashes and eyelashes are not the same, easy to wear. 

You can also click here to know more FAQ<<<

If you have any questions about the Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale, welcome message, we will have a professional to solve the problem for you

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The story behind the thick Mink 3D Lashes

The story behind the thick Mink 3D Lashes

—GUCCILASHES Recommended on Tuesday

The eyelashes that will be introduced today are a thick 20mm Mink 3D Lashes. It is recommended today because of an unforgettable story behind it.

This 3d mink lashes wholesale is new in May 2019. This eyelash looks no special in style, but because of the thick design adds color to this eyelash.

We named it Windsor Castle. Seeing this name should have guessed that behind it is an unforgettable love story.

In April, a girl contacted me and asked ‘if I could customize the 3d mink lashes?’ I said ‘of course’. I knew her story in the details of the conversation. She is a very powerful makeup artist. A person’s face can change the face of the city completely different under her hand. It is undeniable that she is a well-known person, but her boyfriend is not so legendary. She said that he is just an ordinary person. I asked her what must he have to do? She shook her head and told me: No, he also has a lot of bad habits and is addicted to the game, but he will cook for me, remember my preferences, and gently say that I love you. When she said these words to me, the whole person was gentle. I believe that they really love each other.

I asked her if she wanted to customize the mink lashes for her customers? She told me that it was not because her boyfriend was going to have a birthday. She wanted to give him a surprise and paint makeup that only belongs to her.

After listening to her story, I remembered the story behind
Windsor Castle. An heir, an ordinary person, is love that makes them meet. Although it is a person who is calling for the rain outside, when facing you, I will put away all the armor, only gentle, just your lover.

The inspiration for this eyelash is from her love, it looks ordinary, but there is a strong love behind it.

After designing, she was very happy. I think this is the biggest affirmation of this design.

So I recommend this Siberian mink lashes to everyone today. I know that there must be a lot of people living in an ordinary way, but they must have their own gentleness.

Do you have a story? If you like, I am willing to listen.

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About Mink Lashes Dropshipping

About Mink Lashes Dropshipping

—Guccilashes Eyelash Knowledge Corner on Thursday

Now DROP SDHIPPING is very hot, so what is DROP SHIPOPING? Is Mink Lashes Dropshipping the best choice for purchasing?

First let’s meet Dropshipping Lashes : For example, before you purchased from us, then we ship it to you, you are selling to your customers. But Dropshipping Lashes means that your customers buy from you, you still purchase from us, the difference is that you send the customer address to us, we send the 3D Mink Lashes directly to your customers.

Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of
Drop Shipping Mink Lashes :

Advantages :

(A) Provided convenience to buyers.
Especially for Mink Eyelash merchants selling online, it can help them save inventory. They don’t have to need a lot of space to pick up the 3D Mink Eyelashse.

(B) Save time for the buyer to ship the second time.

(C) Save time for end-users to receive Mink Eyelash and increase customer experience.


The goods purchased in large quantities are distributed to each customer’s hands, and the goods are transported internationally, and the freight rate will definitely increase. Because cross-border transportation is expensive first, the freight is related to the volume and weight of the receiving area when transporting the goods. And stipulate that transportation is the first.

So is it appropriate to choose
Drop Shipping Mink lashes for procurement?

In the case of end-user self-shipment fees, it is appropriate for procurement, reducing the cost of the buyer’s freight costs.

However, if the end customer’s shipping cost is borne by the purchaser, DROP SHIPPING is not recommended as it will increase the freight cost of the purchaser. Must clearly know that local shipments are cheaper than cross-border transportation.

Of course, if you don’t care about shipping costs, you are more concerned about saving time and effort. Choosing DROPSHIPPING is a good choice. After all, in modern society, time is money.

Ok, today’s sharing is here. I hope that today’s sharing will help you. Do you want to know more about industry knowledge sharing? See you next Thursday!

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Derivative 3D False Eyelashes — DM09 and DM09A

Derivative 3D False Eyelashes — DM09 and DM09A

—–Guccilashes Monday Product Introduction

The 3D False Eyelashes sharing time on Monday is coming again. The two 3d Fake Eyelashes introduced to you today are DM09 and DM09A. Are you very confused, why is the name so similar? This is why I introduced these 3D False Eyelashes today, DM09 and DM09A are derivative styles.

What is the derived 3D Fashion Eyelashes style?

The derivative style is that the DM09A style design is improved on the basis of DM09.

The reason for the DM 09A design was that the DM09 was just on the market because the style was particularly hot. At this time, an American girl contacted us and asked if the DM09 style should be denser.

According to the survey, we know that a large number of people like this style very much, but their character is more unrestrained, so they prefer Thick beautiful eyelashes. According to market feedback, our designers have done more dense and personalized on the basis of DM09, and DM09A has been produced.

In terms of style, DM09A and DM09 are 10 clusters of cross-type
mink lashes, length, and cross. But the difference is that each cluster of DM09 starts to diverge from the beginning, while each cluster of DM09A crosses more closely, and the difference in length of each cluster is more obvious. So DM09 is more fluffy than DM09A, but DM09A is denser and more individual than DM09.

From the perspective of the curling of the eyelashes, since each cluster of the DM09A is tighter, it seems that the DM09 is lighter and thinner.

From the perspective of the audience, it seems that DM09 is more suitable for girls with a gentle and elegant personality, while DM09A is more suitable for girls with personality. But no matter which one is undoubtedly good-looking.

Which girl are you? Which eyelash do you like? Tell me your answer and any thoughts about eyelashes in the comments!

Today’s sharing is here, see you next Monday!

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Which false Eyelashes Look Natural?—Guccilashes Eyelash recommendation

Which false Eyelashes Look Natural?—Guccilashes Eyelash recommendation

It’s time for the Eyelashes look natural test every Tuesday. This time I will introduce DC36, a 3D Best eyelashes for a natural look that is both natural and charming.

Above all design: we can see its front face, it is 9 cluster cross Best lashes for a natural look. Cross the integral effect of mink hair more fleeciness stereo.

Integral length is between 13-16mm. Stylist passes through the experiment of a thousand times. Test as this Eyelashes look natural design, the most natural length is 13-16mm. This length is to the person with a deeper eye socket to take go up instantly to feel oneself made up lightly. Also best for work.

The overall second you can see that this eyelash features short front and long back. From the short tufts at the corners of the eyes to the long hairs at the ends of the eyes, these are the most popular cat-eye styles this summer. The Cat’s eyes are the same, making the tail of the eyes more upturned. There is a charm in nature.

Of course, Best lashes are not enough to bring beauty, it also has practical value. In response to this, I have been wearing Best eyelashes that look natural last week, and now I am talking about my feelings. The Best fake eyelashes that look natural are softer and feel comfortable to wear with glue. There is no discomfort. And took a video show to you.

After wearing, wash the False lashes best glue directly in warm water, rinse the glue, then dry it directly with a hairdryer, put it in the box, and protect it properly for 20-30 times.

Overall it is worth a try!

Click to view more styles<<<

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Old-fashioned Thin Mink Lashes are not worthy of today’s beautiful you—–Guccilashes

Old-fashioned Thin Mink Lashes are not worthy of today’s beautiful you—–Guccilashes

Hey girl, when you are finishing everything today, standing in front of the mirror. Do you feel that something is missing? So you turn around, lick your head, frown and meditate, and suddenly realize that the Thin Mink Lashes are not good enough!

Yes, those Thin band mink eyelashes styles that outdate are not worthy of the beauty of today.

However the fashionable and classic things in the beauty industry can last forever, and the Mink Quality Eyelashes are even more like this. Because you bought the 2018 style, but today, in 2019, you find that the Mink Quality Lashes style is not popular, so there is no amazing feeling in your eyes.

Actually not that you are not beautiful enough, but this style can not foil your beauty.

When you are ready to go out and still feel dissatisfied with yourself. What you need is not better clothes or more expensive jewelry, but a new pair of Mink Eyelashes Queens! A pair of Mink Eyelashes Queens that double your beauty.

Then how can I have the latest Mink 3d Lashes Wholesale styles and pay attention to the latest Mink Quality Eyelashes? And Guccilashes has always been known for its high-quality original design and has been constantly updating its style. Styles lead the eyelash industry, I hope that you can find every new style, for your use, so that you have the beauty of today’s double.

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American culture; 3d Mink Fur Eyelashes culture

American culture; 3d Mink Fur Eyelashes culture

Everyone can be a superhero, the same every girl with 3d Mink Fur Eyelashes will meet a different self.

In Hollywood movies, the Marvel superhero series is popular all over the world. And everyone hopes to become a superhero and save the world.

What is popular is not only the heroes but also the American culture behind the movie — individual heroism. Americans pursue individual freedom and equality and have always advocated self-reliance and self-improvement. As long as you have the ability, everyone can become a superhero!

The same for 3d mink lashes just for you, every girl will meet a different self here. With 3d real mink fur eyelashes, you can instantly have attractive electric eyes! Want to know a pair of the attractive electric eye is the soul of whole makeup look!

3d mink luxury lashes change the shape of your eyes, making them longer and narrower. Like 3d41-2, it’s designed to extend the eye tail.

At the same time, Long 3d mink eyelashes will make your eyes brighter, and 3d mink lashes private label make fluffy and three-dimensional will increase the effect of the eyes!

No matter what shape your eyes are, believe in yourself and best 3d mink lashes can make you more beautiful. No matter where you are, believe in yourself, in the world of 3d mink lashes samples will always find your beauty.

The world is slowly embracing American culture, so why not try
mink 3d volume lashes? Everyone can be a superhero, and the same 3d mink wispy lashes can pass on beauty to everyone!

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Pretty mink lashes bring everyone wonderfully!—Guccilashes

Pretty mink lashes bring everyone wonderfully!—Guccilashes

The mountains and seas are vast, the fireworks on earth(山海辽阔,人间烟火). There are 13.081 billion hectares and 7.594 billion people in the world. Pretty mink lashes can bring everyone wonderfully!

What’s the Pretty in mink lashes? That’s a different style of Eyelashes that can make you adapt to each style.

This video shows why to choose the Pretty mink in lashes. With
Good mink lashes, you can be innocent and lively, or you can be a melancholy dreamer, or you can be the most dazzling star!

There are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. Thousands of styles of 3d mink fluffy lashes give you thousands of faces!

Like the 20mm mink lashes, just this length we have 29 styles:

This is DM02 20mm mink lashes wholesale, the Classic eyelashes in the market, and it has always been very popular. Why this is classical? Because it can be applied to everyone!

hot sell mink lashes

This is DM04 20mm mink lashes strips, with this Mink lashes, you can be the most heads turned on the street because these 3D Mink Eyelashes make you look natural and fashionable.

3D mink eyelashes

The last is DM23, do you want to be the most personality girl in 2019? This eyelash meets all your requirements! These Eyelashes have a bold crossover style with a slender mane in the middle, and the overall image is different.

20mm 3D mink lashes

Click for more

Guccilashes give you more style 3D Mink Eyelashes to choose, they are all the Pretty mink lashes! Give you the thousands of faces!


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